Saturday, August 13, 2022

Comments by Jodee Sussman

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  • Marian what a well written article! I so appreciate your relentless work on exposing and ending this nightmare for victims and their families.
    In SoCal, there is a “Cabal” that has run the probate courts for over a decade. There are several attorneys and the court appointed GALs involved. They all just “change hats” in the next case. The for Profit Fiduciaries, The realtors and appraisers they use are involved. They overturn existing trusts and advance directives. They financially and emotionally try to ruin any friends or family that try to stop them. They get court approval of bogus restraining and eviction orders.
    The court ignores all proof of conspiracy and collusion. They boldly declare the court does whatever they tell it to do.
    No one is safe. They even turn on their own.
    This evil runs deep.
    Only God, in the name of Jesus Christ, can stop this!
    Victims keep fighting! Don’t let them silence you! God sees all!

  • Linda is spot on! This happens in the blink of an eye and is almost impossible to reverse.
    My mother was forced into a financially and mentally abusive conservatorship in SoCal in 2019.
    This was her son and his wife’s second attempt. The first was for both our parents in 2015 that was denied. Her son Joey purposely mailed notice, to us three daughters, to the same out of date addresses he used in 2015. He did this so that no one would show up to defend our mom and object.
    Joey’s arrogance and stupidity let him believe that the attorneys and the conservator would help him take over our mom’s estate. They threw him to the curb as soon as they had complete control. The attorney Eric Becker actually said he would be going with the “cash cow” conservator and Joey would need new council. (Family strife and pursuit of justice only runs their billable hours higher).
    They claimed our mom’s property was only worth $3 million and she was in $1.5 million in debt. The attorneys researched the property before filing the ex parte and knew that the property was worth far more than that. They also claimed she had no income. She received $19,000.00 a month from rental storage and $25,000.00 per event. She was coerced into total liquidation of her property and Event Facility to pay their fees and for her “care”. She didn’t need 24/7 care as they claimed. Her long time employees did shopping and cleaning for over 30 years for her and did so until she was forced into conservatorship.
    Because us daughters fought, mom escaped being put into a “care” facility. They already had a “bed” ready for her.
    Mom requested to move to Texas with her daughter to no longer be a witness to the dismantling and destruction of her American Dream that took 50 years to build. It took 8 months in court before her move was granted.
    The useless GAL paid $7,200.00 to get another fraudulent Dr evaluation claiming mom has dementia based on paranoia that Joey and the conservator Richard Huntington want to euthanize her as part of the move agreement. We have 7 Dr reports that say she does not.
    In just 20 months of “help”, the conservator and his team of attorneys have run up $670,000.00 in fees. They have bleed the funds with all the conservator’s vendors over $250,000.00.
    They are all overdue on their accounting for the current year.
    Their is a band of cronies in SoCal that have done the same thing to countless families for over a decade. The head of the “snake” is Ruben Martinez and attorney/wife Teresa Gorman. They use their company Fiduciary Real Estate Services to manage/devalue properties then sell low to their cronies who “flip” shortly after at great profit. (Probate court only requires the property to be sold for 90% of the “low ball” appraisals they pay for).
    Our mom’s saving grace has been us daughters tenacity, her request for bankruptcy protection and prayer in Jesus name.
    Linda thank you for your passion and hard work in exposing this evil epidemic in America!
    Britney keep fighting for your rights! We are with you in thoughts and prayers.
    God bless and keep you all!