Monday, December 5, 2022

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  • Thank you so much for this…a high-quality mix of straight quotes as well as some thoughtful analysis. Much appreciated.

    and yet…not to be playing the role in the roles of Debbie Downer and/or Bummer Bob, but…I do hope and believe that these changes could very likely be implemented across the globe the world, including places…that aren’t in the United States.

    I’m not sure of is the “deal” with US psychiatry is, really. I’m not one who complains much regarding “US culture,” per se, but it’s just…wow. wow. FDA is saying “please put a warning label on ‘antidepressants’ about a possible suicide risk,” and the specialized US psychotherapy says “you’re killing these children! You’re killing children!”

    This is just one an example. Perhaps it’s the neoliberalism which has been in control in the past decade, or so…and is now in danger of becoming into fascism? sick societies equal sick people Neoliberalism has certainly affected US culture, across every level. Plus…now that the only ones that really “matter” are those in the top 20% of the population, so…why bother trying to be the slightest of sympathetic? -nobody cares-

    but …” keep hope alive.” and yet keep hope alive,.