Saturday, August 13, 2022

Comments by Kathleen Bosse

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  • Ohio is just as bad.

    My Mother was a victim of a predatory guardianship. No one in the proper channel recourse disputed my claims of medical abuse/neglect and financial exploitation, yet all denied jurisdiction over probate court.

    I found over 40 more victims of this same regime through public records, finding financial exploitation in every single case! My proof is legally self-authenticating. Probate signed filings and Ohio Supreme Court case decisions are both considered self-authenticating. (Rule 902, 10)

    The state still would not intervene! However, I did get written/recorded recommendations to send my cases to the FBI Public Corruption Unit from Hamilton County Organized Crime Unit Detective, the Ohio Attorney General Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s Special Investigator and the Auditor of the State Special investigator.

    My evidence of public corruption and racketeering has been in the mail awaiting a receipt signature since 2-7-22 to the local FBI as requested.

    Corruption has infiltrated our nation.

  • Linda’s points are spot on. My Mother was in a predatory, abusive, negligent, exploitive guardianship. She was mild cognitive impairment for 10 years, last confirmed in January. One month later for vehemently complaining about the guardian not listening to her wishes, she was involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric ward, drugged with 6 off label, black box antipsychotic medications with 15 interactions between them, and purposefully misdiagnosed severe cognitive impairment while in a zombie like state.

    Our complaints lead to monitored, limited visitation, Mom placed in memory care and her home willed to my live in brother, sold. In 18 month they spent over $700,000. The court allowed resignation “without litigating the propriety of the removal” when an ASAP neurology follow-up on her release summary occurred a negligent 22 months later. The visit summary blasted the use of antipsychotics and Benadryl with a dementia diagnosis as being adverse/allergic.

    Attorney fees for designated guardian duties and charges case decisions of the Ohio Supreme Court deemed “non-legal” were routinely approved by the probate court. The Supreme Court Ethics Committee dismissed my complaint stating the court must have had a reason for doing so. I found 40 more cases this predatory regime exploited in the same manner – resent complaints, only to have them dismissed because I am not a party and have no firsthand knowledge. Never did they deny the alleged wrong doing.

    Police, sheriff, ombudsman, adult protective services, attorney general, etc. all the way up the state flagpole denied jurisdiction over probate court insiders but NEVER DENIED THE CRIMINALITY. Our State Attorney Elder Justice Coordinator has no power but to give referral to the agencies I already contacted. The County Sheriff Detective with Organized Crime, the Auditor of the State Special Investigator, all recommended the FBI Public Corruption Unit.

    Currently, the USPS has accepted 24 of my cases for mail fraud, ready to go. The FBI took my RICO information. The Department of Justice is supposed to have a permanent Elder Justice Attorney in DC and state assigned. They too, refer and co-ordinate which is completely useless. Biden has made no appointments.

    I believe the US is giving lip service to fighting guardianship, conservatorship and elder abuse. Genuine success has not occurred. Ohio’s AG EJ could not name one single case under investigation after 3 years in existence despite The Ohio Coalition to END Probate Corruption reporting.

    Thank you Linda for your efforts, heaven knows the entire gamut is corrupt. Slavery is an applicable description, Britney!