Sunday, November 27, 2022

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  • Hi there, kindredspirit,

    Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Jewel is a great poet/song writer! I grew up listening to her music and always found it to be relatable. Being an empath can be a double edged sword, I know this all too well. Being an empath makes one that much more susceptible to being hurt and because the empath feels very deeply about everything, wounds penetrate to the cellular level, making the pain from the wound that much more intense. Emotions and feelings are my guides and now I just pay attention and go towards joy, happiness, love, warmth, the light, because if I pay attention (feed) to pain, unhappiness, anger, cold heartedness, I just sow the seeds of those things and they tend to manifest in all that I do and experience. I try to be more intentional these days about how I am feeling. I see my feelings more like visitors now rather than long term roommates that I have to put up with…I just let my feelings come and go. I would rather feel deeply than be a surfacey, emotionally inept robot.

  • Hello, fellow Wounded Healer,

    Thank you for reading and reaching out. CITA IS a really great resource. Here is the link: I wrote out the acronym wrong in my story but emailed the editor to see that it gets corrected. Please note, CITA closed, but all the information is still there and the handbook is still available to download. Please let me know if you need anything else or have anymore questions.


  • Hi everyone, thank you for reading my story. I look forward to corresponding with all of you. Ask any questions you may have; share your insights, share where you can relate. We all need one another.

  • These stories scary me half to death.
    I have been hospitalized 4 times, now. And the more I learn about the mental health system, the more I holistically heal (no more meds in my body for over a year and 7 months now), and the longer I work in this field as a social worker, I become more fearful of this field. It is sinister and extremely menacing.
    We are systematically being poisoned by synthetic medications and kept ill by design, because it is profitable. I repeat: We are systematically being poisoned by synthetic medications and kept ill by design, because it is profitable. I want to yell that wherever I go. Stay away from ALL medications!

    If anyone needs support, encouragement, a friend, a lifeline, please email me @ [email protected]

  • What the hell did I just read?
    Short term medications for acute mental breaks is where the hell begins!! Your brain chemist, your spirit, and your physical body cannot handle the saturation of medications that fast, that hard, and that much! Never!
    Vlado C, YOU NEED TO heal….you are not going to heal from using synthetic meds, which are nothing more than products of an oppressive patriarchy, used to make us docile, compliant robots.
    OMG! What did I read on MIA? I am so disturbed by this.

  • I’ve been receiving the newsletters for awhile but never signed up to comment until I read Dr. Wood’s article and read the above comment.
    I have my own horror story and also am a clinician in the mental field.
    I visited a beautiful soul of a client of mine in the psych hospital yesterday and in order to keep my position I had to tell her to “play the game” (take these powerful mind altering Meds without a struggle, attend groups, listen to her treatment team, etc) so she can get out of there; she is scared out of her mind and very drugged. Not medicated, but drugged.

    I’m very awakened and saddened by all this. My worst nightmare was trying to get off Remeron a year ago, which I took for almost 6 years. I will never allow anything like that into my mouth and body again.

    And now, I’m in a field where I have to encourage my clients to be “Med compliant” or I’ll lose my job.

    It’s a mad house. I’m very disheartened.


  • Now THIS comment right here, is speaking loads of truth!!! Please, can you write an article and start a blog?
    I hear you! Thank you for your comment…you got me fired up. I hope Dr. Wood uses some of the money she milked from the very system she is ripping to shreds (It’s a horrible vile system, I agree 100%) and really helps people, since she “knows” so much now.
    Peace be with you…