Saturday, December 10, 2022

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  • That was a great read! Thank you Peter Gotzsche and thank you to Mad in America for putting the book online. I am a psychiatric survivor and I owe my sanity (and maybe my life) to people who are speaking the truth about those drugs.

    The 14 suggestions are amazing but I fear I won’t see that in my lifetime. There is so much power and corruption in the psychiatric profession and so much money in the pockets of big pharma that we would need a massive movement from the “little people” to change the situation. Most people are not ready to hear the truth. I see more and more people on antidepressants around me and when I try to explain to them the danger of those drugs, most of the time, they think that this movement is similar to the antivax movement and that doctors like Gotzsche, Breggin and Moncrieff are quacks. They prefer to listen to the nice doctor on TV who tells them that they need their pills. It’s depressing.