Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • Thank you for this carefully drafted story, that is so relevant to my current dilemma. Since your post so many studies have come out that further demonstrate the lack of efficacy and the unacceptable risks to teens. I am officially in hell. I now have a letter from a psychiatrist to my ex, stating that my 15 year old should be on prozac. I have shared the latest cochrane review, and an Australian study you may not have seen that is absolutely devastating ( Like you I have read so much and am gobsmacked that the evidence base is unequivocal, but the professionals in the field are uninterested. When I sent through this info, she replied with an out of date Cochrane review and an incomplete study funded by the company that manufactures the drugs. I am almost certain it could get very messy and that my son will end up on this medication. Its a slow moving train wreck for me. I have returned to this post a number of times, and although it may not ultimately save my situation, it helped to read something that I could relate to and I am certain it will have saved others.