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  • schools don’t need to be hyper-vigilant about emotional well-being. they just need to be attentive, caring, supportive. don’t try to control; that’s a recipe for disaster. ye know, for some reason, case MANAGEMENT is a big thing in this country. like as if we’re all invalids who need to be “managed”.

    heebie geebies.

  • i was 8 years old in 1984 when i learned about cocaine for the first time. i learned about it from other children. they were a group of boys between 10 and 12 years old. one of the kids’ father was a dealer and the kid got hold of the junk. they were hurt from using the drug and it made a very serious impression on me. i’m 41 years old and have never touched the stuff, not once, and i believe it’s because of the terror and horror i witnessed that day.

    but that wasn’t nearly the only drug scene i had been exposed to. i learned about heroin in 1987 when i was 11 years old from a 13 year old girl who was shooting up between her toes.

    the junk spreads because it’s a social choice.

    i never did hard drugs like that but i’m a drug addict – i smoke cigarettes. i smoked my first cigarette when i was 8 years old.

    big pharma and psychiatry absolutely play a role in this nightmare but THE number one factor is that it’s socially commonplace and almost “normal”.

    i abused alcohol in my 20’s for one reason and one reason only: i lowered my standards because i truly believed that everybody drank (at my social level, everybody DID drink). i hated alcohol but it was a social choice.

    pharma & psychiatry have both exploited the human inclination to sin (and the search for quick fixes) in order to advance themselves. they’ve done a disservice to humanity. but even if both of those industries changed their ways and stopped contributing to the problem, the fact is, humanity still has a drug & alcohol culture to contend with it (and that seemingly innate drive to inebriate).

    well, that’s just my perspective from an 8 year old little girl who has ALWAYS known drugs and alcohol (and sex, for that matter, which is the ultimate drug).

  • for what it’s worth, the trophy comment on that video:

    6 months ago

    there are a lot of musicians and artists who will tell you that their intoxication is what empowered them to create their masterful works. and that’s something to really think about.

  • do me a favor.

    don’t let people off the hook of CHOICE. everybody knows exactly what they’re getting into when they use drugs. people get into drugs because they want to party and they want to have fun and because they like going hot and hard (in SIN). people CHOOSE the life of sin because it’s where the good times are at.

    when they get hurt and when they sick and things get serious, and when they need help, well damn. i see a couple of scapegoats. i’m not saying that pharma companies and psychiatry don’t have responsibility but don’t make the mistake of thinking people are innocent victims in turning themselves into junkheads.

    just listen to the music.

  • i wish there was someone who remembers who i used to be. i can barely remember myself. my original self is gone. destroyed. no recovery. i’m transmogrified, unrecognizable to myself. feeling the constant, chronic, ever-present need to rescue myself when i know it can’t be done. always feeling all wrong, not okay. 100% of the time. never gonna change. a done deed is a done deed. there’s no undo.

    people have this almost magical belief that total recovery and healing are possible. omg, it’s not. it’s not universal. sometimes, a person is harmed and damaged to a state of permanent disrepair.

    humanity doesn’t want to acknowledge or admit it.

    there ARE things we do NOT heal or recover from.
    there are things we can not ever change.

  • probably goes without saying but i’m the sort of person who will state the obvious because it’s always good to do so, as far as i’m concerned.

    whether knowingly or not, with intent or not, psychiatry is no victim. psychiatry is a predatory system.

    but maybe that’s to be expected, to some degree, when you deal with the very worst of what humanity has to offer.

    things like, horrific abuse and heinous murders. and worse.

    all the bad stuff.

    stuff that has me scarred for eternity – mind, body, spirit, soul and especially my heart.

  • listen,

    isn’t it true that SOME people really are all sorts of screwballs in the mind / personality / behaviors / emotions and it isn’t also true that the psychiatric DSM web has been over-cast, entrapping far too many people who never, ever needed any psychiatric diagnosis or “treatment”?

    to me, that’s one of the biggest problems. i say this because it’s not that human beings don’t suffer. we DO. the problem is that psychiatry does not discern and it’s harmed more people than it’s helped.

    don’t you think a sicko like israel keyes IS a severely mentally disturbed individual? he’s dead now but while he was alive he was a master manipulator who abducted, bound and raped, strangled and stabbed and shot, and dismembered his victims. nobody on this planet will ever convince me that he wasn’t one hell of a revolting, maddening sicko.

    oh, and dahmer too. he’s another vomit bucket.

    there’s a HUGE difference between malignant types: those naturally pre-disposed and those who become malign after major traumas. in other words, the predators and the victims.

    psychiatry just does not know how to weed a garden or discern spirits.

  • “DSM-4 gives mental health workers too much power. They (oh my God, I should write WE, since I am a clinical psychologist after all !), have legitimacy to transform normal experiences into mental disorders, based on their “best judgement” but the licence to practice doesn’t require a test for the quality of the mental workers judgement.”

    i’m just curious. why don’t you, and others just like you, quit.

    if more people would abandon psychiatry and the mental system it might be heroic. maybe.

  • i don’t think saying / believing that aliens gave someone a cure for cancer is a delusion. i really don’t see a problem with someone holding a belief (maybe it’s knowledge) like that.

    first of all, humanity knows space aliens are genuine and they actually, physically exist. this is object fact but it’s shrouded in a conspiracy of denial and lies.

    if someone, the right sort of person or people, would have believed and received the messenger man humanity very well could have inherited a cure for cancer. it was worth indulging.

    missed opportunity.

  • “For example, in fall 2009, shortly after Kuchipudi obtained privileges at Sacred Heart, the hospital had a fly infestation, prosecutors said.”




  • yes, except for the fact that there are at least some of us who aren’t ignorant. it’s that whole “being awake in a world that is largely unconscious” nightmare. it’s very difficult trying to communicate and interact with people who are not on the same mental plane.

    it’s really not a matter of belief systems. i mean, to some degree it is but it’s a matter of belief systems when people are in DISbelief. otherwise, there are those of us who have knowledge AND the evidence and proof. however, in a world so heavily dominated by science people are painfully stuck at the “brain” level, as if all science is only ever in terms of DNA and brain.

    that’s so mentally stunted. there are vast branches of science that can be utilized to explain spirit (psychic) reality. easily.

    it comes down to a matter of will, and authority. for some reason, people really don’t embody LIBERTY.

    liberty is a self-directed act. in this world, most people will not act unless a law informs them or if an authority commands them or in some way gives them permission.

  • i don’t know if this is a universal abuse, i think it might be, but when i was a kid it was some sort of common knowledge that “telepathy isn’t real”.

    such liars. i have no idea what made people say that and no idea why it was such a common disbelief but a lifetime later i’ve met one of my telepathic connections face to face (and have all the evidence in the world to prove it). i look back on it now and know what all the denial was about (and it’s that very denial psychiatry capitalizes on).

    all by design, i suppose. but then i look to god with the blackest eyes. there’s only one thing blacker than the blackest evil soul and that is the blackness of a victim. victims like me don’t ever heal and that’s something the people of this world don’t want to acknowledge or admit.

    sometimes, catastrophic harm spells total condemnation. wicked losses, and eternity is a very very long time.

    tc, amnesia 😀

  • wow, what a flashback and flood.

    mental activity, gee. what ever shall we do? lol.

    “I do see the human energy field (and more).” reading that line was instant transport to my childhood. i distinctly remember consciously and willfully disconnecting from second vision. i found it very distracting. i now regret it and figure if i had just exerted a little discipline i could’ve developed necessary spiritual skills to better navigate, and protect, my life.

  • it is spiritual but it’s adverse spirituality.

    three primary states of psyche: active (psychic), adverse (psychotic), dormant (inactive, flat).

    two features of so-called psychosis are hallucinations or delusions but those two things, hallucinations and delusions, are both highly debatable. in positive spirituality the same phenomena can be experienced but the vocabulary would be different. for example, in a positive spiritual experience a so-called hallucination might be called a vision or seeing with the third eye. they’re essentially the same exact experience but are experienced and expressed differently.

    for the record, it is 100% absolutely and entirely impossible to separate good and evil from spirituality. there is no spirituality that is devoid of good (god and angels; the light) and evil (satan and demons; the dark).

    setting the visuals aside, take a look at the auditory and inter-exchange of thought:

    holy communion is the religious word for communication with the divine (god and / or angels). that communication happens in the temple (temple is the master synonym for mind). the secular word for communication in the temple is telepathy. the antichrist’s word for communication in the temple is mental illness, psychosis, hallucination, delusion, schizophrenia.

    but it’s all the same thing.

    the mind sees and hears. those are basic, normal functions but an atheistic and secular society are content to twist normalcy into absurd.

  • i’d love to see people define and explain spirit and spirituality.

    i’m half shocked, half not to learn that nuns are indoctrinated in the antichrist’s world. they’re in for a world of horror when they learn the truth. it’s been over 5 years now since i first declared psychiatry to be an antichrist system. psychiatry’s biblical identity is an absolute and irrefutable truth. i was so pleased to read this article and know that the truth is finally starting to reach humanity,


    it’s all so very MENTAL but spirit is certainly not limited to the mind.

    i’d love to see people define and explain spirit and spirituality.

  • nope. we aren’t all born with adhd.

    but we all were born on the planet in this catastrophic transmogrified condition:

    the planet didn’t look like that 100 years ago. in addition to our catastrophically electrified earth we also have a catastrophically transmogrified atmosphere (GASP!!).

    we live inside of a gigantic electromagnetic box. electricity and telecommunications are not only environmental toxins but they’re also forces of destruction on the human form.

    take a look at heliobiology,

    as our environment continues to experience destruction (it’s happening now) humanity’s condition will worsen.

  • schizophrenia is an atheistic, secular world’s explanation of negative spirituality, in addition to the process by which to weed out society’s weird and strange creatures. there’s also things like shock and trauma that impact a person’s well-being. then there’s neglect and malnutrition, lack of education and support, and impoverishment issues. then there’s classism (a ruling class looking to squash and silence the weeded out weird and strange creatures).

    schizophrenia is a catch-all but it especially targets spiritual nature (so-called hallucinations).

  • “If we can’t trust the profession to develop “evidence-based” treatments that put the interests of patients first, as opposed to their own guild interests, what should our society do?”

    wait for jesus to destroy the antichrist, that’s about all. heh.

    “The drugs were once again cast as essential and even as miracle agents (life-savers), and this became the narrative promoted to the public, and was repeated in stories published by UPI and on such websites as Science Daily and Medical News Today. Meanwhile, Lieberman also touted the importance of the study in a Medscape video, describing it as a “major development in psychiatry.” Dressed in a white coat, he said the study “came to a very firm conclusion as to the unquestionably positive benefit of these drugs,” and then he took aim at those who had dared to question their merits in the first place.”

    Revelation 13:3 (TLB)

    3 I saw that one of his heads seemed wounded beyond recovery—but the fatal wound was healed! All the world marveled at this miracle and followed the Creature in awe.

    psychiatry the antichrist & DSM = 0
    jesus & scripture = 1


  • “The … disturbances …, … vulnerabilities, … unimaginable suffering … . … antidepressants drugs, … serious adverse effects, … .

    … victims of the Pharmaceutical Empire, … elevating their lives as examples … . … be warned … Toxic Psychiatry.”

    you’re welcome. for the edits.

    their lives are elevated to show fate. their lives are elevated to show evil’s gory victories of ghoulish slaughter (which amuses and pleases the foulest of spirits and souls; hell is their paradise and heaven). the dark nightmare of lost and wayward people is theater for all.

    great exploitation
    great demonstration
    great show

    the spiritual war we are in is a battle for souls. the largest entities on earth must feed, eat and consume to grow and to maintain their massive obese existence and their domination.

    we’re fighting against demons
    we’re fighting against monsters
    we’re fighting against evil

    not many are on the mission to save souls. don’t even know how to do it! don’t know how to discern the spirits.

    lost and blind in the dark

    come to the light
    the lord jesus christ
    the only light

    listen here for a glimpse into the near future

    listen here for the way and the path to your salvation

    very soon
    very near
    the great tribulation

    don’t waste another breath
    don’t waste another moment

    the worst is just ahead
    so near

    hurry, run to the lord
    in your heart
    in your mind
    love him
    live for him

    do it now
    because it’s already
    so late

  • “Conrad gives the answer to her question, “cause we are his victims.””

    eyes open, everyone. welcome to spirituality.

    the two of them were prophesying. they told the truth and they were correct.

    michelle was informed that she was going to hell.

    prison is just one of many forms of hell. there, she will be surrounded by other psycho puppets who are tapped in the head and she will be tormented. somebody needs to give her a bible and spiritual guidance. she needs to focus on the lord jesus christ if she is to be saved. the poor girl is sitting with pure hell in her head, body and soul. if nobody is ministering to her the gospel it’s a shame on all god-loving people.

    psycho puppet is a very base way of referring to the interconnectivity of mind that we ALL share in. psyche by definition means spirit. psyche is not a disease of the mind but not all spirit is light and love. there is a dark side (sin, immorality, evil). the three primary states of psyche are: psychic (active in the positive), psychotic (active in the negative), dormant (inactive). a psycho puppet is someone who prophesies (tells, foretells) what they perceive. their utterances are NOT their own.

    we are all conduits and channels through which a multitude of spirits can operate. there is only ONE holy spirit, that of the lord jesus christ, while all others are unclean, sinister and other spirits.

    in most cases, you cannot blame the psycho puppet for they know not what they do. their culpability is solely in the fact that they do not live in the lord jesus christ. when we cast god out of our lives we make room for sinister, unclean spirits to take hold. we dwell in sin, unforgiven sin, unrepentant sin, totally ignorant of sin. it’s disastrous.

    people need to acknowledge that you don’t know and don’t understand “voice hearing” and “a voice” in someone’s mental space. these are spiritual matters that the antichrist system, psychiatry, has succeeded in hijacking for its own aggrandizement.

    Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

    6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    michelle is better off in prison since we all know the truth: psychiatry is just one of many forms of hell. she’d be worse off, in some ways, if they remanded her to a psychiatric facility (to be further tortured in the false, deceptive, bogus name of “help”).

  • Kallena,

    i asked “did you know…”

    it was a benign question and no, it was not condescending in tone. i responded to one specific aspect of your lengthy comment. to repeat,

    ““To then imply that we ourselves are ‘like’ the people who abused us is the most horrifically painful and re-traumatising insult there could possibly be.””

    i provided a response to that claim which might constitute an exception to the proverbial rule you’ve laid out.

    as for possession, i’m inordinately experienced and have the advantage of knowing both spiritual truth and psychiatric concepts (which is a massive undertaking; an extreme burden and great sufferings). i understand the utility of worldly concepts but i’m spiritual and i know spirit to be the highest truth.

    anyhow, the word incest appears three times in Sera’s article yet i’m the only voice bringing spiritual knowledge to the table. you may despise me for it and you may despise the truth but incest is a great sin, a great evil, and it is known that spiritual, demonic possession is not so-called mental illness. getting people to recognize so-called mental illness for its spiritual truth is next to impossible.

    Hosea 4:6 (AKJV)
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

  • people are terrified of the spirit world. it’s unpredictable and unless you’re a master of universal law it is uncontrollable. the spirit world has been put in its place and psychiatry (the antichrist) has been allowed to reign over. in my experience it is part of the torture of the saints.

    the entire world is mislead and deceived by the antichrist. that includes the body of christ (believers), the church. i call psychiatry’s anti pills the unholy eucharist, which is the offering of salvation. but that salvation is ultimately denied because the pills are harmful, injurious and worse. i’ve been speaking about psychiatry as the antichrist for 5 years now. even religious people ignore me to death.

  • “To then imply that we ourselves are ‘like’ the people who abused us is the most horrifically painful and re-traumatising insult there could possibly be.”

    did you know that mother-daughter incest induces in the daughter an embodiment of her mother? it is possession; spiritual possession, bodily possession, demonic possession.

    “Essentially, the daughter has experienced the most extreme disconnection and violation because she has been physically, emotionally and sexually violated by the one person in her world who was supposed to protect, nurture and guide her. This is representative of a most severe form of psychological trauma, and in many cases it causes disassociation, detachment and freezing of emotions in the survivor.

    “Many daughters possess aspects of their mother’s personalities, physical appearance, or interests. Some sexually abused daughters, however, may feel that their mothers have poisoned their potential to become healthy women. They may feel that parts of their mothers now live within them. Just as the daughters may come to loathe and mistrust their mothers, they come to loathe and mistrust anything in themselves that they believe comes from their mothers. These feelings can be profoundly disturbing. A daughter may feel that just as her mother was abusive to her from outside, the mother can now be abusive and destructive from inside her as well.”

    maybe other abuses are different but in the case of incest the victim embodying the abuser is par for the pathological course.

  • i don’t believe in multiple personalities. i know it to be spiritual possession. but then, that would be the battle of beliefs (spiritual war). lol!

    demonic possession is a known consequence of incest (an extreme sin, evil). incest destroys and annihilates boundaries which makes spiritual trespassing, intrusion and possession easy as a breeze.

    there are unclean spirits, lying spirits, malevolent spirits, seducing spirits and more,

    psychiatry vs spirit,

    denial of the spirit is a sin (and that’s why we have the antichrist system, psychiatry). ever hear the saying “go to the light”? psychiatry is the house of darkness. the light is the bible (the book jesus christ lives in).

  • “End psychiatry and you will still be waiting for social revolution. Have a successful social revolution, and you will still be waiting for the end of psychiatry.”

    i agree.

    take a look at the scope of services of this organization and see the wide array of human sufferings all bundled together under one proverbial roof,

    keeping in mind the vast array of sufferings, i’d like to see somebody dismantle and reorganize the house.

  • bcharris,

    what a funky thread this is (i had a hard time locating your comment). i googled your quote and learned about the oracle of delphi’s test: tortoise and lamb. i think in today’s world such a being would be called a psychic.

    in regard to the so-called gang stalking phenomenon, it is greatly misunderstood by those who experience it. they believe there is a concerted effort of people who live for no other reason but to torment and torture them but many of the “perps” are unconscious oracles (mediums). in other words, those deemed to be perps lack cognitive awareness of what’s happening. but that’s not to mean that there are never cognitively aware gang members who do know exactly what they’re doing. there sure can be. there’s no doubt that it is a dark spiritual ordeal. the holy spirit would never torment or torture.

  • disable, control and manage the subject (human being turned into an inhuman object). one cannot have human rights when one is not recognized as human but is judged and condemned as diseased and defective.

    i don’t have a mental illness. i have a knowledge problem (harrowing, harrowing knowledge – ecclesiastes 1:18). i can’t live with what i know. i’m not morbid but i know that i will never escape my eternal mourning and grieving (and the furious outrage, more commonly known as a “mad” person with “madness”). i used to be genuinely nice but she’s dead and now i’m mean in addition to being mad. i’m also ugly (used to be sorta pretty but not anymore). the psychiatric head cage that was permanently welded in my mind has me FOREVER LOCKED IN A PSYCH WARD AND I CANNOT GET OUT (even though i’m typing this from my kitchen in “independent living supportive housing”). i visit the mental hospital directly inside of my own mental space at least once a day.

    see the victimization? i’m not free. i never will be.

    oh yeah. the damage really ought to be crystal clear: once they pried into me and busted me wide open all of my insides are always hanging out. i have no boundaries and no privacy. i’m a lot like anne sexton and mercy street.

    i once read that if you wanted to heal a crazy person all you had to do was see the sanity in them.

    i call staff paycheck collectors (they’re “just doing their jobs”).

    sorry for my response to your comment. poor you. i’ll go away now.

    /end naked black mystic rant

  • forgiveness IS the way to end harmful mistreatment. they will stop when they acknowledge the catastrophic harm and damage they’ve done (guilt) but that very guilt leads to ignorance, arrogance and unrepentance which obstructs and prevents forgiveness. to absolve the guilt one must value and believe in forgiveness. then, there can be acknowledgment and confession and repentance all of which produce the desired effect; ending harmful mistreatment.

    repent means STOP. one is not encouraged to stop doing something through accusations, witch hunting, charging, convicting. all of those things evoke defense and in effect maintain the wrongdoing. one is encouraged to stop doing something when there is hope.

  • i wouldn’t be surprised if he encounters random strangers popping off at the mouth saying things that are too personal and hit too close to home. it happens to countless people. it’s a spiritual matter. but psychiatry denies spirit (totally lacks knowledge and understanding). do you know what an oracle is? do you know what prophet is? people are conduits or channels. when the spirit is at work the host is not speaking; a spirit is. not all spirit is the holy spirit. there are unclean spirits and demonic spirits (demons are known for the private knowledge they couldn’t possibly have about you, but they do). because people lack spiritual knowledge they call the phenomenon “gang stalking” and identify themselves as “target individuals”. it’s negative spirituality at work. not all spirit is light and love. there is dark (and it is very dark).

    if he feels bugs crawling under his skin he needs to elevate (he’s too low). the body is a temple and we’re supposed to keep it holy (most people don’t). when the body is not a holy temple it can become a prison of terrors and horrors. oh, there are things the body can do that will cause the inner being to want to jump out of their skin. he very much could be a lost soul or a prisoner soul or a victim soul, needing salvation.

    psychiatry’s unholy eucharist, those anti pills, will never be the remedy for the spirit, soul OR the body.

  • forgiveness matters more than you think. if you’re facing charges and conviction, as psychiatry is, you are less likely to surrender but forgiveness allows for surrender. forgiveness absolves guilt.

    in order to repent and confess one must feel true sorrow. acknowledgment (acknowledgment is the opposite of ignorance) is self-conviction which leads to sorrow (sorriness) which then leads to steps toward forgiveness.

    you just have to be met by the one who has the power to forgive.

  • to shook,

    nonjudgmental care and compassion for a distressed sufferer certainly is interesting, yes. it’s practically novel! and i think you’re right, it would definitely go far in hollywood but not at all in the real world.

    as for the violence, i simply explained the motive behind his aggression. it serves the purpose of understanding. most people would think of a person’s aggression as a symptom of a disease (maybe sometimes it is) but aggression very much can have other causes. when you know and understand why somebody behaves a certain way you’re better enabled to respond in a supportive, healing and less consequential way. the standard course of response from those who serve the establishment is to CONTROL people. controlling somebody isn’t an act of helping them. controlling somebody isn’t an act of healing them. it should be common knowledge that trying to control somebody will make them rebel (e.g. aggression). yes, it is my assumption that he was severely frustrated but my assumption is based on decades of experience and observation. i’d say it’s more of an obvious conclusion than assumption.

  • to hughmass,

    abomination of desolation: psychiatry IS the abomination while desolation is a term of psychology,

    1. something greatly disliked or abhorred.

    2. (Psychology) solitary misery; wretchedness

    the abomination of desolation (antichrist) is a biblical entity who stands in the holy place (the mind) when it ought not. psychiatry meets all of the qualifications for being the antichrist,

    it must aggrandize itself as a god-like entity
    it must deny spirit
    it must offer salvation
    that salvation must ultimately be denied

    it is out of human hands. the antichrist will be destroyed by jesus.

  • no, Deena, we do not all have the same capacities. do you think you have the capacity and ability to abduct somebody, bind and rape them, stab and strangle them, kill them and then hack their body to pieces and bury them in a lake grave (and, do it repeatedly)? i didn’t think so. most people have no such capacity or ability but what i just described to you was the true nightmare of countless victims of a heinous, prolific serial killer. if you think that isn’t evil then you are not a wise woman. and, that’s only one example of evil. there is much more.

    as for being misinformed, i am certainly not. you may prefer to live in denial but i have no such privilege or luxury. do you know what a victim soul is?

    of course, you can be like many others and say that the suffering saints were nothing more than severely mentally ill people. or, you can face the reality that evil exists and then you take it one step further and go even deeper into the existence and reality of mind-shattering, mind-splitting evil: mentally ill or evil, either way, it is quite very bad. harrowing. do you know what harrowing feels like?

    have a look at this case. if i had my way with sara and david, those two animals would never be let out of their cages. ever.

  • this comment is in response to shook,

    “This would be the scenario: a man comes to a psychiatric ward from medicine stabilized after gouging his eye out with a pencil in his home. He is actively psychotic, stating there is a transmitter in his eye and the government has him under surveillance. He is aggressive towards staff.”

    this is a pet peeve of mine; members of the establishment report events in a way that make the sufferer look totally ridiculous. it’s disparaging, cruel and unfair.

    i’m okay with what he believed.

    he stated there was a transmitter in his eye. STOP. instead of deeming him psychotic (and whatever else) exert some effort to try to understand the meaning behind his description. he was obviously distressed over something about his eye but he lacked precise knowledge and so he had to rely on conceptualization. our eyes ARE transmitters (they’re also called a gate or gateway). it seems to me he was having intrusive images flashed into his visual field but he couldn’t understand the cause or source. some support and understanding really would have benefited him but nobody would be capable of providing support and understanding if people maintain the prejudice belief in so-called mental illness. he likely gouged his eye after suffering the distress for far too long (driven and pushed beyond intolerance). people DO break.

    he said the government had him under surveillance. that’s true; the entire world is under surveillance (it’s quite invasive). what anyone can know, and should know, is that he was experiencing violation (he felt violated, and that was real for him no matter what or how or why). it would help if people just admit that they don’t know how to respond to a violated person. you don’t know what a violated person needs. hell, you can’t even diagnose him as VIOLATED.

    he was aggressive toward staff because he knew the enemy state of being. he was already greatly mistrusting of government (which is probably based on experience and if so would be acceptable, and not wrong or mentally ill) and so he likely saw staff as the enemy. i don’t doubt that he has had the rotten experience of needing help but not receiving it. in other words, he knew the people he was dealing with.

    it’s a big, unnatural world out there

  • Someone Else,

    the roots:

    don’t tell or i’ll kill you.
    don’t tell or else this.
    don’t tell or else that.


    the growth:

    you’re imagining things.
    you’re fantasizing.
    you’re lying.
    you’re crazy.
    you’re sick.
    you’re mentally ill.

    i’m a member of pizzagate. i have my own slice of pizza. want to see it?

    the story: a second-hand shop showed up in my neighborhood during the summer of 2015. i noticed the blue piece of pizza and photographed it for the meaning it held for me (it’s a long story). i wanted to buy it just to smash it. shortly after i took the picture, within days, the shop was gone.

    there’s a lot i can say about “pizzagate”. trust me, it’s very real and it does exist but not necessarily the way people currently think and believe. i would love to speak freely and at length about it but there’s no platform and no proper engagement.

    it is the absolute truth that the mental system / psychiatry is used to silence victims of sexual abuse. unless people seek out specific support groups (for example, through the RAINN organization) the victim’s complaints are ignored in favor of psychiatric indoctrination and brainwash (such as, borderline personality disorder). bpd was assigned to me when i was a teenager. it was the third of what would turn into endless amassing diagnoses. the two that came before it were depression and post traumatic stress disorder. all diagnoses in my life have been totally bogus, erroneous, detrimental, injurious and catastrophic. oh, i suffered. there’s no doubt about that. and i still do, but this world does not have the first clue as to what i need. never have, never will.

    when i was a kid, i wanted to be a doctor (neurosurgeon) when i grew up. i didn’t think i’d become a career psychiatric subject and i certainly didn’t think i’d become a sex slave for the dragon (pizzagate is just one manifestation of what it is).

  • Someone Else,

    i don’t like to think that i was naive. i prefer to think that i was right; i believed in goodness and i had faith in humanity. when i began talking about sexual abuse as a young teenager and eventually entered the foster care system (which was automatic entry to the mental system) i genuinely believed my needs would be met and that i would go on to live instead of suffer. i was made wrong for being right. i no longer believe in goodness and i now have such disillusionment and mistrust, to say the least, that the consequences of that experience and knowledge are harm, injuries and damages – loses – that would still be miscalled some disease or disorder. the dishonesty of it kills me. i cannot ride the pride train with the rest of america. i just can’t. i have over 25 years of my life invested in american government, agencies and services. i’m painted black by the establishment and so i can only see the establishment as black.

    as for donald trump, it would be good for americans to know what he believes about so-called mental illness and the mental system but i doubt he would treat it as a priority.

  • the repugnant term MENTAL appears 115 times on this page. the term MENTALLY appears 7 times.

    “According to a PSP-CYMH administrator, the effort is scheduled to expand this fall, with training of school staff to be more proactive “gatekeepers,” funnelling kids towards screening tests and treatments.”

    according to raw reality, the gatekeepers are mentally shopping for child victims of sexual abuse, dysfunctional families, families of immorality and sin, emotional and mental abuse, physical abuse, neglect, toxic social environments and circumstantial disadvantages in order to feed them to the fking beast.


  • sounds to me like your daughter needs to be rescued and set free. she wouldn’t be the only one. i’m deeply sorrowed for the hell horror she is going through. it is a true nightmare. the word nightmare always makes me think of the four horses of the apocalypse (mares). oh my god, i had a thought. it must be an act of mental illness, somebody call the brain police.

    the nightmare of psychiatry is so dark and repugnant that it has no honest and truthful place in the mainstream world of pipeline nightmares,

    mental health / mental illness
    and on and on

    if people were honest and truthful about the “mental” system i expect it would fall apart and crumble, sorta like how the earth itself is falling apart directly beneath people’s feet.

    you painted a tragically accurate picture of retard school, madmom. the extreme burning, flaming fire inflammatory insults of popsicle sticks, pizza or popcorn parties and movie night get me deeply in touch with my grossly fornicated inner child for which humanity moronically thinks unnecessary chemical assault on the brain of the victim is “treatment”. grown adults should not be pathologically “treated” as overgrown children. it is abuse and it is severely retarded. to retard someone, in order to subjugate, indoctrinate and control them, is nothing but a sick, ignorant, sinister abuse and torture. what a tragic, harrowing loss of life. what a true hopeless hell.

    no wonder so many sadists are drawn to the “care and treatment” industry. sickos.

    o lord, show us the light in this massively pitch black monstrous world.

  • first you’ll see an intake worker. then you’ll meet with a therapist. then you’ll meet with a psychiatrist. there will likely be some scheduled appointments for psychological examinations and evaluations. time will pass, records will amass. you will develop madness when it logically and rationally occurs to you that you’d like to see your records but not until after becoming acquainted with the impossible process of the system and you’ve been met with nothing but dead ends and brick walls. you realize that information about you belongs to the establishment. it is their property, as are you.

    wards of the state are government property. the parent agency is none other than fake medicine, psychiatry. once you’re added to the payroll, working for the department of social security, you’re truly locked in to the system.

    america failed to live up to the preamble of the constitution of the united states,

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

    we don’t have justice; we have a classist system that keeps justice out of reach for many people ($$$).
    we don’t have tranquility; we have psychiatric tranquilizers.
    we don’t have welfare (which means well-being); we have government dependency (wards of the state).

    look on the bright side: not every psychiatric customer becomes a ward of the state.

    yes, run. but don’t get caught because they’ll shackle you and strap you down, then attack you with chemical cocktail needles for punishment.

    what a hell trap psychiatry is. what a fat fkn loser america is.

  • re: personality disorders

    they’re real. when you encounter an inhumane predator you will know it and have no doubt in your mental health or in your mental illness that some people are animals and monsters.

    the problem is when innocent, good people are victims of psychiatry’s fundamental negative mentality. members of the psychiatric establishment have poor discernment, and they misapply labels to people thereby creating worse suffering conditions instead of helping people with their issues. at the worst of it, life’s victims can eventually become the animals and monsters (which disgustingly makes psychiatry happy because it gives them a false justification for who they are and what they do).

    there is a difference between true evil incarnate and the victims of such. don’t doubt that true evil exists. it very much does. “personality disorders” is just one language used to describe evil incarnate (or the mislabeled victims).

    p.s. your number 5 point is a perfect example. only an inhumane monster or animal would wield psychiatric labels as a weapon to intimidate, manipulate, terrorize, threaten, subjugate, control, discredit and silence their victim.

  • “The goal is not just the dissemination of psychiatry-friendly information, but also the active conversion of skeptics to the psychiatric cause.”

    i’m feeling slightly demonic tonight and have to use superhuman strength to hold back the urge to unleash my vicious sarcasm. it’s not easy, i tell you. it’s not easy at all (not without some of those precious psychiatry tranquilizers). maybe if i took a psychiatric neurotoxin my vicious sarcasm would clear up like an antibiotic to a dirty urinary infection. think so?

    doctor hickey and members of mad in america dot com,

    psychiatry is an indoctrination system. mental illness (and mental health) is the belief system.

    it’s useless to say. really, it is.

    we’re in a nightmare and that isn’t useless to say. it is the more important truth and matter at hand. how many atheists are there around here? how many of you are awake to the reality of biblical end times?

    i’m bringing you, this extremely limited audience, the news…

    earth is breaking, cracking open, collapsing and caving in, drying up and catching on fire. the oceans throw up death while flocks of birds drop dead straight out of the sky. none of those animals have mental illness. the earth does not have mental illness. all natural disasters have increased and we’ve already been through many supernatural events. the great tribulations is imminent. there is no psych drug that can help anybody through the suffering that will befall us all.

    see here: great black sky and great red sky (and it will get much worse)

  • hellhole? are you kidding me? hell isn’t real. there’s no science on hell and so hell is clearly non-existent. if you believe hell exists and is real you probably have a delusional mental illness. especially if you believe in demons, then your brains are definitely sick. yup.

    /end sarcasm

    psychiatry is an indoctrination system. mental illness is the belief system. it is the worst, most cruel abuse humanity commits against its divided self. psychiatry should have been abolished by now but it’s still standing. psych drugs are tranquilizers that subdue some people while giving others a false sense of benefit until the consequences begin manifesting (as many of us victims can attest to).