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  • Can we call these as illnesses ? An insight into the truth!!

    The truth is no one can read your mind or understand your thoughts. However, due to the events that is taking place or due to your own experiences your logical thinking mind will convince you surely that others must know your thoughts. A person who experience this will carry out their own thought experiments too to find out if others could really know his/her thoughts. Meaning at certain times if you are a person who experience this, you yourself would think of particular topics/things and see whether others would respond you and when this happens it will further convince you that others can read your mind or understand your thoughts.

    Only way to get rid of this way of thinking is to talk openly/directly with the people who you think that can read your mind. Asking this would be pretty odd to you but again trust me asking this and understanding that others are not actually aware of your thoughts but they simply respond to your thoughts without they even knowing will save your life. Things that they reply to your thoughts are coming to them out of the blue without they even knowing, they get thoughts (this is similar to thought insertion that schizophrenics are talking about) and they simply talk about it. However, these things always will have a meaning to your current thoughts or your actions, which is why your logical mind thinks that they somehow know your thoughts or understand your thoughts. They will sometimes, smile at you, laugh at you, give gestures etc… to convince you that they really know or aware of your thinking or thoughts. However, in reality they know nothing. These responses or the words coming out of their minds would align with your thinking, that’s why your logical mind always make you to believe that they know your thoughts. Even if you ask directly from them “if they know your thoughts” still you will face things/actions to convince you or they would respond in a way to convince you that they know your thoughts but they don’t acknowledge it or you might think they know your thoughts but they don’t like to direclty tell you so. The only way to get out of this way of thinking would be to talk to them and understand that they don’t actually know your thoughts, their actions, words are simply aligned with your thoughts/actions giving you an impression that they know your thoughts. However, this impression is so strong to create a belief in your mind, that you cannot get rid of.

    You will meet people who respond to you thoughts everywhere. Sometimes, this can be your neighbours, when you are in a coffee shop, in a library, people in television programs, radio stations, while you are shopping, in the streets etc… you name it. You will meet people who respond to your thoughts everywhere. So the bottom line is again they know nothing about your thoughts, these responses which aligns with your thoughts are coming to them out of the blue, which convincing you.

    This is not a coincident not everyone facing these experiences. Any person who face this experience will start having the thought broadcast delusion. It’s a highly advanced computer program built with artificial intelligence giving these experiences to us. You are a victim. Schizophrenia shouldn’t exist in this world. This is why you will not find thought broadcasting delusion prior to 17th century. James Tilly Mathews is the first person to complaint this technology at the end of 17th century but sadly no one thought that such a thing was secretly developed by the people who control in those periods.

    A person who do a proper research into the history would find out below strange events:

    Thought broadcast delusion was a recent delusion we cannot see any evidence of this delusion prior to 17th century. Delusions such as glass delusion are well recorded delusions. Therefore, if thought broadcast delusion existed during this period, these delusions would have been recorded too. However, that’s not the cast.


    “James Tilly Matthews in 1797 and the name of the machine was called as the “Influencing machine”. His case claimed to be the earliest clear description of schizophrenia in British psychiatric writing.”

    From the beginning of the 18th century you will further see new mental illnesses coming to the surface one by one out of the blue. These are all due to this technology.

    We also don’t find any evidence of people hearing voices 24/7 (or throughout the day) prior to 17th century. Some people might argue saying that people heard voices and they would take examples like Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc never heard voices 24/7 or throughout the day. If any researcher do a proper analysis during the period of 8th to 16th centuries, you will not find any evidence of people in general public hearing voices 24/7.

    This is the reason why some people in the history said the following

    “Hare [20] defend precisely this hypothesis, arguing that the scarcity of reports previous to 1800 indeed leeds to the conclusion that schizophrenia is a recent disease, and therefore, that it must have been triggered by a specific event around 1800..”

    On top of this, when it comes to delusions in schizophrenics, thought broadcasting and thought insertion are the primary symptoms and this is what they say.

    “Thought broadcasting is a part of Schneider’s first rank symptoms of schizophrenia. The presence of any of the symptoms is indicative of the illness. It should not be taken lightly as it may cripple a person’s ability to communicate with others and impair his or hers everyday life”

    Which means, since primary symptoms of schizophrenia, such as thought broadcast delusions and hearing voices was not there prior to the 17th century, schizophrenia itself must be a recent mental illness.

    If a person understand that thought broadcast delusion is not a mental illness, they should start questioning about voice hearing too! Cause there are so many that people start hearing voices after they going through this abnormal events, which is not a mental illness.

    Further, these voices itself has abnormal powers,

    “My voice gathers information from around the globe and gives me heads up months in advance for important events. Sometimes, it can be wrong in its deductions, but most of the time, my voice is right in its look-ahead exercises. I think my voice is telepathic across the collective voice. Family members, my husband, does not hear voices, he says, but they gave him schizo pills, cause he has a bit of paranoia. He saw the Japanese tsunami of 2011 in his dream, 5 months in advance. He reassured me that we were not in it. Thank God, it was true. I usually see the earthquakes and volcano eruptions.”

    “I am now happy to say that I still do hear voices, yes… and we get along great (and will forever continue to do so). My voices really helped me to become a better, stronger person, and sometimes they still do the devil voice when they are in a joking mood. Actually, they can do any voice they want (man, woman, child, God, devil, British guy, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Mexican, someone I know, etc.). It’s a skill they have that I’ve learned to appreciate, and I find incredibly entertaining.”

    “Hence the quite significant interplay on physical things especially the erotic…. but also sight (they see what you see), smell…. and for example, they don’t like me eating or having sex.

    they lie like hell… and try to give the impression they can put thoughts in your mind…. wich is all about power. having said that i have had several clear instances where they know things i don’t know…

    i’ve been woken up, and told to listen to the news… and it will be something related to what we were talking about the day before… they have also known things about to happen in the IMMEDIATE future…

    they have told me of a phone call from so and so…

    they can also sense when i am about to get an SMS on my phone…. they try and claim responsibility for making the person send it…

    They have also made a big show of moving my cursor on the screen on my laptop, while I had a witness! weird stuff cetainly,

    The voices are in multiple languages and have nearly always been positive. I am learning to cope with them and learning appropriate social skills to deal with them in social settings which is not very simple.”

    If these voices are coming from our own brain, how come voices are able to speak in languages that a voice hearer has never learnt?

    I hope this will open up your eyes and understand the truth behind these voices and mental illnesses.