Sunday, November 27, 2022

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  • Within your story, there are several ‘watershed’ moments. This is strikingly familiar. As if we are reading the same script. But, we have never met. I have not read your book. How can it be that a similar young man, of a similar age, came down with the same syndrome. And suffers the same consequences? Verbatim. When parents are down in this hellhole with sons, daughters, they rarely reach out. Thank you for doing so. I’d like to know if you also heard the justification for mental illness ‘happening’ to your son. “Well, one out of four people HAVE mental illness.” Or, “Yes, he’s right in the age bracket for (fill in the blank, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, Depression) to likely occur.” And, the classic, “What is the family history of this?” I ask, how many parents grew up (in the 60s, 70s, 80s) knew of so many young people who needed to go into a mental hospital? And, now know several who grew up on the same street who had to be sent away for mental health breakdowns, psychotic episodes, etc.? These cases, by the way, were not ‘drug’ related, as Loomer, somewhat ironically states, if only it was just ‘recreational drugs’, then her son would be helped (not exactly an easy fix either, especially dual-diagnosis). Something is really wrong with this picture. Especially when these were the kids “most likely to succeed”. The ones who did not have childhood emotional issues, ADD, or were taking xanax at age 10 (although that is a very difficult road also). Let’s help one another to peel these layers back, even if the truth of it is a bit raw. Wow, yes, I understand this story. I have a son who, for fear of acting ‘abnormally’, will take any or all meds given to him by a doc. So there you go. For fear of the police coming to put him in the psych unit. Neighbors staring out windows. Endless insomnia. He will comply with treatment. Even if it means weight gain, akasthasia, adrenal stress, high BP, etc. It just does not make sense at all to me. There are too many young people, right in the prime of life, ready to spread their wings and fly–having those wings just clipped?! Marcello is brave, and talented. It may be nice to have a zoom group of people striving for stability to encourage each other. One new alternative my son is doing is neurofeedback. Everything does have this price tag associated with the ‘cure.’ Wishing all the best.