Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • Hi David!

    I stumbled upon this post whilst browsing the internet to check if other people experienced the same feelings I had when I quit antidepressants: feeling awake, feeling alive. You actually used the same words in your article, which made me so happy.

    When I told my GP I was feeling so much better since I came off my antidepressants (Setraline) she looked at me as if I were a bit insane! She gave me the speech about neurotransmitters and lack of serotonin, which I really was fed up of hearing. I read so much about how this serotonin theory is actually a myth and since then, I am glad I quit the antidepressants (been on them for 8 years!) but I always worry that this is temporary, due to all the stories on internet about people who had terrible withdrawals and had to go back on their medication.

    I am studying Psychology and I also work in a psychological service (as an administrator whilst I finish my studies) and I am shocked about the amount of people on antidepressants and how no one really warns anybody about the actual dangers of long-term antidepressant medication.

    I have started a blog when I was very depressed and up until I was advised a ‘medication holiday’ by a Psychiatrist, and I keep updating it since then. It’s all about self-care and being strong, but life without antidepressants is a life worth living!

    My blog:

    All the best!