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  • I was a “client” there serving a 30 day to life sentence in 1989. My sense of this flap was “what’s in a name.” It’s not as if the professionals contacted us for our in put regarding the matter. I similar flap occurred around the release of the film “Dream Team,” which all things considered, was a better take on mental patients than most.

  • We have two Kirkbrides in our area. In Athens, OH, Ohio University took over the local mental hospital and repurposed it for their own use. A few years back, my wife and I attended the Ohioan Book Festival in Columbus where we purchased the book on this Kirkbride from the author and OU professor.
    In Weston, West Virginia, the former Weston State Hospital was purchased by a private entity. It is now used for tours, and Holloween events and has reverted to its original name-the Transallegheny Lunatic Asylum-this pre Civil War structure is on the National Register of Historical places. A certain flap occurred over the name change when a group of concerned anti-stigma mental health professionals complained about the name change.

  • I missed the recent articles referenced here, but I did experience several Facebook posts about changes in gun control regulation vis-a-vie the “mentally ill.” Where is the brigade of anti-stigma pro-mental health advocates? If Sera is correct, and I think she is, linking Trump to mental illness is an attempt to discredit him rather than an attempt to help him. I was diagnosed at a time when we were told mental illness is akin to diabetes. So exactly where as a society to we stand on this.