Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • Read as: “Sorry I called you a horrible human being a few times, but hey, I had a bigger purpose, driven by my own political biases.”

    Again, thanks for helping me remove Mad In America from my bookmarks. After all, who among us who is suffering from a debilitative disease that was brought about by a Liberal-government controlled medical system needs actual safe places to go for help.

  • And just like that, devisive political opinion has been injected into a web site that should be a resource for anybody and everybody who is suffering the debilitative effects of psychiatric medication use. Well, this was a good resource, now ruined. Thankfully, there are other resources out there that stick to the subject, and don’t great their visitors with hateful opinions of the people who did not vote for your chosen candidate – a megalomaniacal thieving liar with actual real blood on her hands.