Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • I saw this movie in the library It’s about a “schizophrenic” that kills people because the evil animal voices tell him to. It has a picture of Ryan Reynolds holding a bloody handsaw. The summary on the back said he was seeing a “court ordered psychiatrist.” I took the DVD into the bathroom and scratched it with a pen until it was destroyed and then put it in a random part of the library non one will find.
    Maybe I was inspired by the women’s protests. Maybe madinamerica wouldn’t approve of my protest.
    Also this is the same library that recently got rid of their copy of Anatomy of an Epidemic right after I checked it out. I’m assuming because some librarian must have skimmed through it and been horrified that THE EVIL SCHIZOPHRENICS IN THE VOICES ARE BEING TOLD TO STOP TAKING THEIR MEDDDDSSS!!!!
    This is the same library that has an entire shelf of child “bipolar” books.
    Also for the record, the son of Sam guy told his psychiatrist that he lied about the evil dog voice and probably used it as a way of getting an insanity defense. His psychiatrist confirmed this.