Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Comments by JenRai

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  • Graciela…you cease to amaze me…I have know and witnessed your inner conflict being stuck in a system that is broken and painful to endure. I believe in truth that there is nothing wrong with us, that we manifest into the “psych system” because of we endured in our lives which can be “crazy making.” Graciela you are a courageous warrior woman blessed with insight and massive determination!

    I remember the evening you came to my home and read me your submission to Mad in America; pained that your piece was rejected by MIA. As I heard you read your writing to me; I was personally struck by the constant tearing down of your truth almost as if discrediting yourself, your knowingness in almost an apologetic way. Graciela please don’t discount your truth and the ability to articulate your story, your truth in a very powerful and succinct way. All I can at this point is BRAVO and again you cease to amaze me by your profound and very powerful journey; escaping the trapped broken system. I applaud your tenacity.

    Graciela, you are the most beautiful blossoming flower that has been born out of your own raindrops, your tears and Graciela your inner knowing, are the sweet yet sometimes painful conflictuality that can emancipate and set “us” catapulting out of the darkness and painful truth that the existing system is broken dictating to us in their illusion “just take a pill or pull yourself out by your bootstraps, or the condescending I know what’s best for you.” I believe we all have within the power and tenacity to heal. Yet when drugged, I know from my own experience how painfully destructive numbing existed; feeling like a zombie, walking around life like the living dead. Our feelings need to be respected and respected tenderly…I believe all feelings are messengers saying pay attention to me…yes sometimes the journey out of “hell” can be terrifyingly painful yet are the keys that unlock our own personal prison. Again, whose definition of “normal” do we allow to dictate our lives; allowing doctors and other “well meaning people” in our lives to give our power away, maybe from that “hopeful child” position and ascribing others as “gods” in our lives. My denying my truth was for me the ultimate betrayal; allowing others to both define me and diminish my painful truth.

    Graciela I applaud you and your amazing journey out of the hellish existence; the dance with suicide…the utter blackness and despair and seemingly no hope of change, the hopelessness, WOW. All I can say Graciela is you have graced my life by your presence and your powerful story of your emancipation from psych drugs, smoking, suicide…yes, you Graciela are a beautiful flower of grace that can and already have touched others profoundly by your amazing story and eloquent portrayal, expressions through your gift of words! You are an abundant blessing to others and I wish for you continued blessings of grace wrapped in “LOVE” love for yourself and love for your precious existence.