Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Comments by C Jayne

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  • Here are a few of my thoughts. Trump is an excellent polarizer. Whether we are pro or anti Trump, most of us have a common desire to be prosperous, heard, counted, cared about and safe. But we have differing ideas on how to accomplish our desires, and what, I believe, is a manufactured mistrust of others who are different than we are. The mistrust creates fear, polarization and dreams of dominance.

    If we look within our own families and communities, relationships of all kinds are difficult when we are distracted by fear of loss and mistrust that the other holds our best interest at heart. Rather than focusing on the issues at hand we fight each other, self fulfilling our premise. We can argue to the ground over the color of a wall. Even knowing the win/win strategies, fear can override our best efforts and intentions. If we are not attuned to our threat response, the people we give power to can easily override our good sense and set us at each other.
    If we don’t understand and see we are accountable for our own behavior we are unable to keep our attention on the complexities of making our differences work for us rather than threaten us. And the current status will continue no matter who is chosen to “fix” what ails us. The problem is much bigger than who is in office.

    The “money changers”, perhaps out of a sense of disenfranchisement (which may, to many, be too kind), are feeding themselves at the expense of most of the globe. The more we fight them and and wake up, the more threatened and threatening they become. We see it everywhere these days…. over pipelines, during demonstrations, on the streets, in the prisons, etc.

    This is our big problem in my opinion. Without change in the way we handle our “threat responses” any change in leadership will keep the power in the hands of a few with special interests no matter what ideals are expressed while the rest of us face off. There are no easy answers to how do we come together, buy in, accept in, trust in, have healthy conflict, and find a way. Is it possible to be inclusive on a large scale? Maybe not to start there but to start with each other?