Friday, August 19, 2022

Comments by Convervatorship Victim

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  • Linda Kincaid has worked tirelessly to expose the probate system and its continuing abuse on the elderly and their families. She does not exaggerate, my family felt victim to a predatory Public Guardian then to a “private” fiduciary, never was she brought to court, she was never even informed that there was court. She was drugged everyday with a cocktail of sedatives and anti -psychotics. She died under their care while they paid themselves handsomely going through over a million in 5 mostly on themselves and their attorneys. The Public Guardian was taken off the case as she was found double billing her clients for services just copying and pasting from one bill to the next and she had was fired from the County . Yet no financial investigation was enacted on the estates she had control of while she was practicing how to do creative accounting. My mom begged for her freedom, when Linda Kincaid went to see my mom they took out a retraining order against her or anyone that my mom did not know prior to her “incarceration”. They had my mom living in Carmel where she knew no one she wanted to go home to her house in San Francisco but they had other plans for that. She died alone of a heart attack with no heart problems prior in her nursing home I Carmel called Agape.
    My mother was a nurse for 41 years and had saved up her money she was quite financially stable and that is what they were after. These crimes must be stopped and I applaud Linda Kincaid at all her efforts to bring light to the darkness.