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  • AA, was just trying to give some sound health advice. There was not judgement in my words. Read what you want into it, as you have. Bottom line, I am opposed to monopolized health care and corporate-controlled healthcare run by greed. I advocate for FREE MARKET health care, where all doctors of ALL GENRES are allowed to practice FREELY, on EQUAL footing. Period, end of story. And here is a good alternative for doctors and patients that is a good start, in my opinion.

  • AA: Just remember… You are what you eat. Detoxify on a regular basis. Eat God’s (Nature’s) food over man’s food. If it’s in a can, box, bag, or requires radiating DON’T BUY IT. Get plenty of rest. Learn how to handle stress. Exercise. Get sun. Supplement (if you can afford it). Then, you don’t have to live in fear of falling ill or needing surgery (outside of accidents). TAKE BACK YOUR POWER!

  • Thank you, CatNight, for your kind and consoling words, and for making me smile. “…a wailing wall, not a border wall!” Haaa! Funny. It’s good to laugh now and again. Yes, both my mother and father now died in hospice. Well, my mom was at home, but hospice visited 3 times a week to bathe and change her. She died of a brain tumor back in 2009. Thankfully (?), Dad’s suffering was much shorter-lived than that of my poor Mum.:( Anyway, thank you for your thoughtful comments, from someone who knows and has seen it from the inside. Thanks for reading and for caring. Oh! And I’ll have to look up that book “Tender, Loving Greed”. Thanks for the tip! Be well always! Hugs and blessings~~

  • Richard and Robert! Wow! I read your posts from start to finish, and while I don’t agree with you 100% on all of the issues you touched on, I enjoy hearing different points of view, and I found both of your commentaries to be very informative, entertaining, and thought-provoking. You made a lot of very good points. Thanks for all the time you put into your writings and for opening my mind to new ideas. Blessings to you both.~~

  • Hi, AA. Hmmm… I’ve not really thought it through that far but,… I guess the government could set a MAXIMUM allowable charge, and then hospitals could set their fees accordingly and compete amongst themselves? I’m not sure how we would work it in terms of hospital care, emergency surgeries, and the like; but for all other types of care, where the patient has time to ‘shop around’, doctors could compete amongst themselves. For instance, after receiving a cancer diagnosis, instead of being given only chemo and radiation and surgery as your only options; you could go to a holistic clinic; or to a place like the Gerson clinic, or an Ayurvedic clinic, or just use CBD oil or other natural cure of your CHOOSING, and those type clinics will compete to provide the best service and best results at the most reasonable cost! Again,…I’ve not thought the whole paradigm through 100% but,… it’s a work in progress…

  • Stephen Gilbert!!! I apologize for my VERY late reply! I am trying to reply to everyone but, somehow I missed your comment! First of all, thank you for taking the time to read my father’s story AND for your heart-felt condolences and sympathy. Yes, unfortunately, from all of the comments I’ve read thus far, it appears this is an all-too-common occurrence in American society, but it doesn’t make it any less criminal. It saddens me to hear how very common this type of inhumane and barbaric treatment is of our elderly…our most vulnerable…frail…trusting… It’s infuriating to no end. Thank you, though, for sharing your personal insight and first-hand account of the matter as a former nursing home chaplain. You give very wise and sound advice: Don’t be afraid to question, question, and question some more! Somehow, we need to find a way to hold these doctors and nurses accountable for their actions. This kind of medical abuse cannot continue!!! Peace and blessings to you always.~~~

  • Frank Blankenship! Thank you for taking the time to read my dad’s story and for your sincere condolences. From all of the comments I’ve read, yes, you are absolutely right in that, sadly, my father’s story is not unique. The tying down and forced medication of the elderly with psychotropic and ‘anti-psychotic’ drugs is done quite commonly, unfortunately, always with horrific results. Those who are fortunate enough to survive are never the same–unable to speak, to sit up, to feed themselves… It’s truly diabolical and I really cannot comprehend how a human being (a doctor or nurse who supposedly entered their profession to HELP people) can treat the most frail and vulnerable among us with such heartless and ruthless mal-intent and lack of compassion. Anyway,… Karma will not be pleasant for them.

  • THANK YOU, Alex, for taking the time to read my dad’s story and for your most sincere condolences. Yes, I would have to agree with you in that our society as a whole has degenerated in multiple ways, in a variety of aspects, which is why I have chosen to live overseas for the past 16 years. Unfortunately, I then was unable to be there for my dad, when he needed me the most.:( I will carry this sense of guilt for a long time. Thank you for sharing your story with me as to the terrible ordeal you went through, almost losing your LIFE at the hands of our ‘modern’ medical cartel (oops! I mean, establishment). Thank God you survived and are now more knowledgeable and empowered as a result! Thanks again for your comments and for showing that you care. Blessings to you and yours always.~~~

  • Hi, AA. Wow. Thank God your mother recovered from her infection. So many people die after getting C-diff or Staff, or some other infection (often while in the hospital) because the Western medical model doesn’t know how to address it. Again,…drugs are all they know, and they all have side effects. Anyone given an antibiotic of any kind NEEDS to supplement with a multi-strain, high-count PRObiotic and the B vitamins as well! 80% of our immune system is IN OUR DIGESTIVE TRACT, and the microbiome (our gut bacteria) play an incredibly important part in that! Anyway,… I’m glad your mother found an out-of-the-box thinker before it was too late. <3

    Ya, I don't blame capitalism for our deplorable healthcare. I blame corporate-controlled healthcare. If we had a TRULY free market, TRUE capitalism, where every kind of doctor is able to provide care and is on equal footing, without the Western medical model (the failed model) being given priority; where Naturopaths, and chiropractors, and Ayurvedic practitioners, and Functional Medicine doctors, and acupuncturists, AND western medical docs were all allowed to offer their services at the prices of their own choosing; THAT would be a TRUE free market; and then those that provide good service and get good RESULTS would do very well; and the doctors that kill their patients and get NO results or make their patients WORSE, would be out of business right quick! THAT is true free-market capitalism–something we DO NOT HAVE and probably never will (in my lifetime). Sad but true.

  • Justice4GenineZizzo! Yes, that’s a great website ( to see who the largest political contributors and takers are! Thanks for that. As one comedian stated (I forget which and cannot give proper credit, unfortunately): Politicians should be required to wear jackets or jerseys sporting the corporate logos of all of their financial backers and contributors. Would love to see that!

  • Thank you, Justice4Genine… for this great information and for all your activism on this issue. I HAD only looked into a possible medical malpractice suit, and I had contacted a few FL law firms and attorneys, relating my father’s story, and while they were very sympathetic, they did not seem hopeful that the case would gain any traction in the courts, at least not a medical malpractice suit. Here is one reply I received:
    “Unfortunately, based on the information you have given us, I do not recommend a medical malpractice claim. That is because Florida has a very unfair Medical Malpractice Wrongful Death Act. When a person dies as a result of medical negligence there is no compensation for that person’s shortened life or their pain and suffering prior to death. The only things their estate can recover for are the funeral bills, and lost wages and medical expenses from the date of the malpractice to the date of death. These are usually relatively smalls sums and are generally not sufficient on their own to outweigh the tremendous costs and risks associated with pursuing the lawsuit. Additionally, the only people who are allowed to recover for the loss of a loved one due to medical malpractice are his or her spouse and any children s/he had who were 25 years old or younger at the time of death. It does not sound as though your father had any survivors who fit into these narrow criteria and therefore there is no one who would legally be able to recover for the grief and pain caused by his loss. It is a grossly unfair law, I realize. My only suggestion is that you contact your state legislators and demand that ALL wrongdoers be held accountable for their actions.”
    However, I should look at the Felony Elder Abuse laws or statutes for the state of Florida! Thanks for the tip! Keep up the great work, and thank you for your passionate activism!

  • Thank you, Fred, and no apologies required. I share your strong sentiments with regard to ‘modern medicine’ and all of the facilities who claim to provide ‘senior care.’ All of these nursing homes charge upwards of $6,000/ month (and that’s at the lower end!), and for what? To be shot up with mind-bending, heart-stopping medications and left to sit alone in a shoebox-sized room and fed GMO-tainted, dead, processed, irradiated food that’ll kill you almost as fast as the medications will. Of course, some nursing homes fair better than others but, this tends to be the most common case.:( It’s downright criminal!!! And yes, as a student of Naturopathy myself, I know very well that Nature holds an answer to all of life’s ailments. Unfortunately, the bulk of humanity has chosen man’s mediSIN over God’s or Nature’s medicine; and we suffer because of it.

  • Someone Else! Wow. First of all, THANK YOU, for taking the time to read my father’s story, for your sincere condolences, and then for your very insightful and informative reply. You must have some sort of medical or biochemistry-related background, or else, like me, you just have a very curious mind and do your research. At any rate, I am very sorry to hear of your father’s death at the hands of the criminal medical establishment as well.:( Yes, even after my sister arrived from Ohio, it took her 5 days to finally get him released from their ‘care’, and even after demanding that he NOT be given any more psychoactive drugs, he was given Ativan once or twice more, for being ‘combative’. ‘Right.’ My father never lifted a finger against ANYone in all of his 89 years. Anyway, I too believe in a Creator, and I also believe we will be judged on our actions (or inactions) during our time here on Earth so, I do not envy them their fate (referring to the ‘wonderful’ medical practitioners you so rightly refer to as ‘unrepentant murderers.’). Thanks again for your kind words and informative and eloquent comments. Blessings to you and yours always.~~~

  • Wow! Thank you so much for reading my dad’s story and for your honest and forthright reply! As a former RN, your words carry their weight IN GOLD! I’m so very grateful for people like you, who despite all the years of ‘education’ (or indoctrination) into ‘modern medicine’, you’re still able to think critically and see it for what it is– a big racket. Thank you for your sincere condolences, and keep on speaking and spreading truth! Peace and blessings to you always.~~~

  • Hey, FeelinDiscouraged.
    Well, I’ve been living as an expat over here in South Korea for 16 years now, teaching English at a university here, and I absolutely love it. You have to have at least a Master’s degree to teach at a uni here, and it’s becoming more and more competitive. If you have at least a bachelor’s degree in ANY field, however, you can get a job over here teaching English at private English institutes, which are EVERYWHERE. Its’ a big industry here, AND in China, Thailand, and all over Asia, really, though I fell in love with Korea, and I find the pay here is better than in other parts of Asia. Thailand is very beautiful, though, with wonderful people, healthy food… I find all my teaching jobs on Dave’s ESL Cafe ( Good luck!:)

  • Hi, Erin, and yes, my dad truly was a pretty awesome guy. I was very fortunate to have had him in my life for as long as I did. I wish I’d been a better, more attentive daughter.:( But, his spirit and his memory still live on. Thank you for taking the time to read my dad’s story, and for your kind words. Though you did not go into detail, I am very sorry for what you and your family have endured at the hands of the medical-pharmaceutical mafia as well. I will forever be a truth-seeker and a truth-teller, and I am glad there are people like you out there doing the same. Blessings and Godspeed!~~

  • Okay,… I really don’t wish for this comment section to deteriorate into a false left-right paradigm political bout. Oldhead and Humanbeing, I’m going to have side with you, however. Obamacare has been a horror story for patients and doctors alike, and as oldhead pointed out, it is corporate-controlled medical ‘care’; it is monopolistic and fascistic (government married with corporate) medical ‘care’, and the ‘care’ is sub-par at best, and in my dad’s case, criminal and deadly. Oh! But his Haldol and Ativan WERE covered by our wonderful ‘health care’ system so, I guess I shouldn’t complain! (sarcasm noted) Anyway,… please… no more political discussion? Thanks, all, for your passion and comments…

  • Thank you, AA, for taking the time to read my father’s story and for your sincere condolences. Chemical rape is a good and proper term I would say. Legally-sanctioned rape, abuse, and murder of our elderly. As I said to another reader, I truly pray that there is such a thing as Karma, because these sad specimen of humanity (the doctors and nurses masquerading as ‘health care workers’) surely deserve theirs. Peace and blessings to you and yours…~~

  • Justice4GenineZizzo! Oh my gosh! Your mom’s story is almost identical to my dad’s! How terrible! I’m SO so sorry! Your story brings tears to my eyes and an ache to my heart.:( I can feel and totally resonate with your just anger. Your words are very powerful and well-chosen: ‘pharmaceutical rape…with hypodermic needles’ by ‘medical miscreants’. ABSOLUTELY! That is EXACTLY what it is…rape AND murder, and it’s apparently LEGAL! I’m glad you received at least SOME media exposure and shed some public light on this issue. Awareness is key. Although, you WERE aware, and you even TOLD the staff NOT to, under any circumstances, administer an antipsychotic to your mother, and they went ahead and did it anyway. We seriously need to get some sort of national legislation going on this issue, to hold the doctors and nurses responsible and culpable for their actions. This, unfortunately, seems to be an all-too-common occurrence, nation-wide.:(

    Thank you for taking the time to read my father’s story and for your sincere condolences, and please accept mine as well. My heart breaks for you and your poor mother.:(

  • First, Dr. Rodriguez! THANK YOU for your long, informative, and passionate response to my article, and moreover, for taking yyour time to read it. That means so much. And reading through your comments just did my heart good.:) You and I are singing the same tune! Very refreshing. I absolutely love chiropractic and acupuncture. I had a miraculous recovery in my ankles (following my first half-marathon) after just one treatment by an EXCELLENT acupuncturist/chiropractor here in Korea, whom I went to as a ‘last resort’ after 6 weeks of alopathic ‘care’ did absolutely NO good. That was 13 years ago, and I’ve been an avid researcher of natural therapies ever since. I still visit that same chiropractor and acupuncturist too whenever i have any sort of pain, and he never fails to deliver instant results. I absolutely agree with you, Dr. Rodriguez: “Be aware: The prejudiced, close minded, biases may alter your learning.” Indeed. I like the expression: “A mind is like a parachute. It works best when it is open.” 🙂

    FeelinDiscouraged and Oldhead: I’m glad you were open-minded enough to give chiropractic a try and that you found relief. Peace and longevity to you both~~

  • Steve! Thank you so much for your very kind and sincere words of condolence as well as your very powerful and rightly expressed words of disgust and indignation as to how our seniors–once some of the bravest, most innovative, intelligent, honest, and hard-working of our nation–are mistreated. It IS downright evil! I really don’t understand how anyone (let alone a doctor or nurse who supposedly went into their profession to ALLEVIATE human pain and suffering) can do obvious harm to another living being, who came to you for HELP and in TRUST! Anyway, thank God your wife was able to be there for her dad and to save him from similar or worse fate. I wish him (and you) a long and fulfilling life. Peace and blessings to you always.~~

  • Dear KnowledgeIsPower: (Indeed! Wonderful screen name!)
    Thanks for your kind and sincere words of condolence and for all of the great advice and info for myself and other readers. My sister up in Ohio (Dad was down in FL) DID have healthcare proxy, and Dad HAD made out a living will several years prior, which my sister also had and was privy to. Unfortunately, neither I nor my sister was contacted by anyone until after he’d been in the hospital for several days and given the IV antibiotics followed by the Haldol. Dad was abused and taken advantage of from the moment he set foot in that God-forsaken hospital masquerading as a ‘health care facility.’ He had no one there to advocate for him, and for that, I will forever carry a heavy burden of guilt that weighs heavily on my heart.

  • Wow. Another terrible tale of needless suffering at the hands of Big Pharma and the white coats. Saddening, maddening, and sickening, really. It is my contention that 99% of ‘mental health issues’ can be successfully and fully addressed (and solved) using nutritional therapy, diet modification, exercise, lifestyle modifications, and meditation. I’m sorry you didn’t have anyone there to stand up to the pharmaceutical-pimping docs like this girl in the article did, but I’m relieved that you were able to find your own way back…

    While I did contemplate legal action, and I did contact some medical malpractice attorneys there in Florida, I was told that the state of Florida makes it very difficult to near impossible to press charges against a doctor or nurse or any hospital; and that my efforts would be better directed trying to get legislation passed to hold doctors and nurses responsible for harm caused by their ‘treatment.’ So, I am not going to pursue any legal action. Legislative is foreseeable, however.

  • Hi, Oldhead.
    ABSOLUTELY! Universal ‘health care’ sounds great, but then you come to find out it’s not at all about health and their ‘care’ is only treatment with drugs, surgeries, and radiation, that cause more harm than good, and often result in an early demise! Bravo to you for not letting them have their way with you and for not allowing them to force unnecessary (and harmful) medical procedures on you! You’re wiser than most!

  • BetterLife! THANK YOU for taking the time to read my father’s story and for your incredible and insightful reply. “The murderous fools in white coats” Haaa! I love it! Will have to steal that and use it in future writings. And yes, I completely agree with you, that… while most of the doctors and nurses themselves may not be knowing participants in it…I believe this IS part of a larger conspiracy to depopulate, starting with the elderly and the poor and the most vulnerable. Sounds crazy, but if we look around at what’s happening, it would be hard to deny!

    As for the science SHOWING that people undergoing TREATMENT for high blood pressure die earlier than those who have high blood pressure and do NOTHING. This is fact! And if our medical doctors had even a CLUE as to how the human body works, they would know that the body is an intelligent, SELF-REGULATING system, and that it causes your blood pressure to go up when it is in need of more oxygen, nutrients, and other things to quell an underlying stress or inflammatory response. Without sufficient oxygen and nutrients getting to the cells of the heart, the brain, the liver, the kidneys, the adrenals, etc., the cells DIE, and YOU DIE!!! It’s not rocket science! But, these simple things are not taught in medical school. They only learn what drug to prescribe to address which symptoms. A really good explanation (and much better explanation) of the above process is given by Dr. John Bergman, whom I love and respect greatly.

    Anyway, thank you for reading, for caring, and for sharing your knowledge with us. I’m sorry for what your mother had to endure (no) thanks to BigPharma’s poisons as well.:( Be well and be blessed!~~

  • Dear FeelinDiscouraged:
    Oh my goodness! What a HORRIFIC experience you had! I’m so sorry! Thank God you survived that horrific ordeal! Well, you have made amazing strides since that terrible time, as evidenced by your biting wit and your nicely and clearly-worded remarks. Yes, I totally agree with you. I think my dad would have nicely made it well into his 90s, at least, had it not been for the ignorant, uncaring medical doctors and the poisons they pedal. Thank you for taking the time to read my dad’s story and for your sincere words of condolence. It warms my heart to know people such as yourself are out there. Peace and love~~

  • Thank you both for taking the time to read my story, and for your sincere condolences. Yes, as mentioned in the article, my father WAS on Medicare, which was part of the problem. The doctors use people on Medicare as ATMs, basically. Dad was constantly running to this doctor, to that doctor… almost always being given a clean bill of health and told that they’d see him for his next appointment on such -and-such a date. His meds were covered pretty much, outside of a small co-pay (or whatever it’s termed). However, as BetterLife pointed out, Medicare ONLY pays for Western medical doctor visits (no natural health care, of course, which would actually be beneficial, nothing ‘alternative’, quote-unquote) plus their toxic medicines. Nursing home care is not covered, only by Medicaid, once you’re destitute and homeless. ‘Lovely’. The corruption that pervades every single American entity (corporate, legal, governmental, medical, educational, ‘scientific’, etc. etc.) is the reason I have lived overseas for the past 16 years and have no desire to ever return. I can’t support such a system. Godspeed, and blessings to you both.

  • Hi, Robert.
    No need to apologize, and THANK YOU for sharing your dad’s story as well. My gosh! It brings tears to my eyes, in addition to a bit of internal rage as well. Your father too passed not too long ago, also after being placed on Haldol and Ativan. Incredible. I agree with you. This IS a form of genocide, and it’s been made legal by our government (non-) ‘regulatory’ agencies! It’s demonic! These people lack humanity! However, as I pointed out in my article, my dad had NO signs of dementia (ZERO!!!) until he went on that blood pressure medication, and then the HALDOL REALLY did him in! It broke my heart when I tried speaking to him on the phone from his hospital bed. He was TRYING to speak, but the poor man’s brain was just FRIED! God… I really pray there is such a thing as Karma. These ‘people’ deserve theirs. God bless you, and I’m sorry for what you AND your father were made to endure at the hands of Big Pharma and the medical establishment (a.k.a. ‘the Untouchables’). Oh! And, no, he didn’t smoke. While, he DID smoke for a few years in his younger days, he hadn’t touched anything tobacco-related for over 50 years.

  • Markps2 and Fiachra: Thank you for taking the time to read my dad’s story, and for your words of condolence. Mark, I’m so sorry for what you have gone through at the hands of the medical establishment, and I’m thankful that you were able to overcome. Criminal indeed! And yes, it would more appropriately be spelled ‘mediSIN’ as far as I’m concerned. There is no ail that nature cannot cure. Thanks again for reading.