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  • Still treating symptoms and not the problem! Oh that’s right, that’s all they know how to do! It’s a disease Nora Volkow is a PROPaganda master. Other than that, she is worthless when it comes to understanding addiction! “non-addictive approaches to chronic pain.” Sounds like an oxymoron to me! If it stops physical pain, it has the potential to be addictive! There is no way around that! Besides, as long as addiction is considered a disease, expect no better than 5-8% success. Just like the last 50 years! NIDA is doing nothing more than creating useful idiots with brain diseases that now the Gov. can control there physical pain level and healthcare for the rest of their lives. I rarely use the term, but it’s evil! Sal Alinsky, never let a good crisis go to waste and this crap of “we all have mental illnesses”, that need Government intervention using psychiatry, can kiss my Yankee ass.

  • This article and this response is why the actions taken as the opioid problem kicked in of taking pain medications was stupid! Of all places where I read articles on psychiatry and or the opioid issue, I thought this one would be where environmental context was thought of! During the time the opioid issue was climbing exponentially and Fentanyl and heroin were getting across the border damn near like candy and overdose deaths were attributed to “opiaites” not specific types. They take pain medications away and pulled border control agents back from the southern border. Without the fact of this context, your pissing on our backs and telling us it is raining!

  • Very, very well written! It reminds me of the re-birthing fad of some years ago! Yuck! I also have to add though, that recently I had a choice to make. help a dear friend who’s daughter was posting suicidal feelings and thoughts online and not telling people where her three small children are by going with the mother, in support, to have her daughter committed for evaluation. I am against psychiatric modeling but when it is all that is available, what do you do? Three children could have been in danger? We tried for close to 9 months to help, but at some point, what do you do? Of course, she was put on medications and she says she doesn’t have that drive to kill herself now! I just have to say, that as my name on here suggests, when dealing with issues of psychiatry, absolutes as an answer for all, are not real. They are ideological and that should have nothing to do with psychiatry! Thank you for your article!

  • How to begin here? First of all, as a person starting at 15 years old, that’s was 1976, getting chronic cluster headaches. Not being able to get anything or any help but (psychiatry) for them, except for asprin or tylenol. Just surround your head with ice in the dark and quiet, until parts go numb and you will see, their is no dignity in suffering. Doctors did nothing, people say your faking and my parents, didn’t know what to do. Followed the doctors advice and I learned biofeedback, Yoga meditations. Stretching and exercise! Therapy for anxiety! On and on. Did nothing. In some ways it made it worse. Of course the next step is Alcohol and other drugs. After not being able to finish high school, did join the Army and somehow, with tears gushing but not crying in pain almost daily, I finished my tour. But you know why I didn’t blow my brains out, Heroin in Italy! By 1987, after an average of 4 days a week with three headaches a day and one cluster lasted 14 months straight everyday with 3 headaches. I ended up in dual diagnosis treatment! I call it a nervous breakdown. Never have done an illicit opiate again, to this day. That’s 30 years. Oh and guess what the doctors gave me for the next 15 years with no exception? Ibuprofen! That’s because of a phony brain disease that only made suicide more of a thought of an option. By 1991, diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, addiction because I did what I had to, to not kill myself! I also blew a disk in my back, arthritis all along my spine. Especially my neck! Bad knees from construction work. torn ligament in chest, partially blind in left eye from that 14 months of headaches. Put on disability! Wasted ankle and sciatic nerve problems. Etc. What was done? They increased the ibuprofen! Then it made me throw up and I learned on my own about rebound headaches. The VA acted like they didn’t know what I was talking about. Like they never heard of rebound headaches. Tried to go back to work, twice and ended up having to quit as the work was either to painful, construction or couldn’t look at computer screens all day as it gave me headaches. So did the florescent lights in all the buildings. Took extra semesters because of the headaches and did get a degree but almost daily headaches. What I am try to say here is their is not dignity in chronic pain. That is just a mental game of ego! Come on, get real! It was almost 25 years without anything that worked for pain or anxiety! Finally, about 2008, I got put on tramadol and .5 mg twice a day of kolonopin. Was able to help put the roof on my house! Then in 2014, both medications were taken had no increase in medications, done cold turkey. When I asked if I did something wrong, “NO” was the answer! I never abused or overtook, saved or sold my medications, however, now I can barely take my dogs without the dignity of pain, so I say to you, with all due respect, “glory is fleeting”! P.S. I wanted to ask here if it is understood that it is now a fact that the majority of the over dose deaths are from the synthetic more powerful illicit fentanyl? It is the killer? it is something like .4% of pain patients ends up with and addiction. A dependency, maybe, but we all have those! Here are two articles you may find interesting! This may give some perspective to this situation. One thing I am totally convinced of is that harm reduction is the way to go in both addiction and pain management. Been a cd counselor to and most of the successful people, long term, do harm reduction of their own making anyway! What is safer for the patient, physical pain that other therapies have been tried but were ineffective and and ineffective doses of gabapentin and NSAIDS. With Fentanyl showing up in all the street drugs now too. Or is it safer to relieve pain taking medicine from a doctor? I want to bring up a way of thinking that myself and a few other people like me talk about! ADT’s are actually worse for patients than medications that are not ADTs. Because it is thought of as deterring and not, what if abused as the way to look at this for safety! We are thinking that with all the Fentanyl, the real killer here, and that ADT meds if abused make people feel sicker than the old more close to pure from the poppy stuff, so the withdrawals are worse! (more addictive) not less! Also, as I talk to addicts, so many are mad as hell that pain patients are loosing their pain medications because of them, how else could they feel. “It’s wrong” I hear often! Psychotherapy and changing behaviors? Been doing that for what? 40 years! For me, James Schroeder, PhD. With all due respect to you and any others on here, talking about finding your self worth, “dignity” or anything but pain with snot running down your face on to your shirt and are shaking enough where you piss and or shit yourself in pain and the doctors try to force you to talk, breath, whatever yourself out of the pain. This is kinda insulting. All it is taking with my new doctor out of VA for headaches is .5 mg twice a day and the headaches relent, if I also stay quite limited physically as well! Wonder why the VA doctors that would change quite often and if you do good, they take you off the medication that is allowing you to have less headaches (do good) so I can try the same thing over and over and over again until I get results from it, die, or not listen to the “experts” and find my own way! What you wrote sounds nice, but how long does it take to work? 40 years?

  • I don’t necessarily agree with you on addiction and harm reduction, however, I have to be more with you on using psychedelics again. I have seen people who took them one time and they really had a change to them for the positive. I also know several that ended up in the ward with schizophrenia. Just to stay on the psychedelics, there is no absolute way to know what kind of change can happen beforehand. I also know that there can be a positive change in outlook and feeling about life from a psychedelic. But not so fast, a change like that can be temporary and not repeatable in the patient. The next “trip” never brings them to that place that seemed so helpful the first time. Why? They are not the same (exact) person. Physically, psychologically and emotionally. The (exact) same result is not possible the next time. Just like cocaine! It’s just that any changes in feeling and thinking lasted longer with a psychedelic than a cocaine high!

  • That would mean those people I’ve met, that can’t remember why they are upset aren’t real. Still, I have to agree with this comment. “A growing body of research and practice is showing that the most effective, humane and mutually transformative way to help someone deal with unusual beliefs and experiences is not to deny, argue, institutionalize or drug them out of their perceived reality. Rather, it is to invite the person to talk about their beliefs and experiences, and actively listen without judging them or trying to modify their beliefs. Find out about their reality, and then look for ways to help them cope more effectively with things as they perceive them.” However, this concept has expand itself into actual medical care and not stayed in the virtual reality it belongs in. It’s become the new “paradigm” shift in medical care. Why has psychology allowed itself to be used to bias decisions in medical care? As soon as you get injured, you will understand!

  • First I have to respond to your concentration camp reference. As I can tell, your not to fond of Guantanamo Bay. Since that is the case, lets let those innocent Islamists move next door to you and see how long it is until you cry foul. Next, I’ve become as disenfranchised with psychiatry as I’ve read you are! They have gone “nuts” lol here in the USA, as I am assuming you know! On one hand, I agree completely that the over medicating of so called psych. patients has been a common and bad thing for longer than I’ve been alive! Especially at VA hospitals! I’ve been reading quite a bit about the changes similar to this for awhile now, this is just the most open example I’ve seen. Here is the problem I see happening! On one hand psychiatry seems to be moving more in this direction. On the other, at least here in the US, especially at VA hospitals, all patients now have one on their medical “team” deciding what you can and can’t do, even in pain management! WTF are they doing in pain management? Now, Pain patients can barely get help because of the “dangers” of addiction and the suicide toll is rising, while addicts get Methadone and other medications that are opiate based medications to stop their cravings, which, keeps them in recovery till they die instead of allowing them to recover! Drugs for addicts and yoga for pain patients. OH and the best pain management BS they are doing at the VA, Equine Therapy! Like I’m going to ride a horse with my bad back! The more people I converse with about this, the dumber it all is! Have a friend who had intestinal surgery and had no pain medications prescribed by the doctor for post surgery and nothing when she came out of surgery! But on the addiction FB pages, the addiction groups want more damn near worthless treatment and suboxone etc. It makes no sense! Most I talk to just figure that the sooner they die, the happier the Gov. will be! Talk about forced treatment! As the VA has been taking pain medications away cold turkey from pain patients, they offer them addiction treatment! I quit seeing psychiatrists and psychologists and just see my MD! He’s in private practice and I escaped the VA system as I have been almost killed three times there! Put in the psych unit when my liver was shutting down. Told I was lying for three weeks until I dumped my piss that looked like coca cola on their desk! They forced the 81 year old doctor to retire after that! Actually increased a pain med I was on to more than your even supposed to take and tried to blame me when I told them the problem! Oh and the one that disgusts me the most was that I had a brain disease! LOL. I told them, You just stopped my medications cold turkey and I didn’t need to go to treatment and had a couple hangovers in college worse than coming off of the pills. I asked them, since I never abused my medications or didn’t even really have withdrawals, how am I an addict? It was the way they did it, not that they did necessarily! It’s so bad in the US that they actually think they can diagnose addiction. Use some college drinking that was 25 years ago and (predict) my future behavior from that, no due process, and make a medical decision from the CDC in Atlanta! I know this isn’t really about medical care, it’s about power and control, but I will never see a psychiatrist again in the USA. Ever. I’ll die first! I think what would help psychiatry is that they have to go to psychiatric treatment, without the treatment knowing they are psychiatric students and learn what not to do! Psychiatry would be better off going back to the couch and not to tell the American public they know what they are doing when it comes to “diseases” that nobody can really prove they have! Addiction treatment, in my opinion should go back to the anonymity principle so it quits creating it’s own bias for what, awareness? It’s selfish of thewm because, people suffer in aoin now so they won’t steal grandma’s Vicodin! The pricks in the Gov. here, are making addiction the center piece of medical care and our lives are revolving around it instead of actual medical conditions! Oh just thought I would clarify, I was a CD counselor in the 80’s. Like 30 years ago! I quit as I saw more harm than good happening! They have no plan for when the patient gets out except modern medicine sending them to a 12 step program to find a miracle from God! I did enjoy the article and like Roberts Take on psychiatry!

  • “Tron Dohse was a young adult featured in the same evening news report that reported about Clark and Juarez. He overdosed on marijuana and fell to his death while trying to climb a building. OVERDOSED on pot? Give me a fn break! Oh from what I just read, the three main ones they talked about. One fell and another tried to climb and fell also! The other one it didn’t say it just said pot was the reason! Haven’t read one where they actually killed themselves. Like shooting themselves! Got high and fell? We used to climb billboards and climb radio towers when I was a teenager. Did drugs as a teenager that make pot seem like candy so this is BS! The kids I knew that killed themselves were all after they went to treatment and were told they had a “disease”! one overdosed on purpose, two shot themselves and one drove his car into a bridge on purpose! Not one wanted to die when they got to treatment. Just after their teenage minds couldn’t handle the disease thing! The disease model of addiction has killed more that I knew than anything else!

  • I feel for the Parents, I really do! But without “street” drugs, I would have killed myself as a teenager! It wasn’t the pot! It was what was there before the pot! Parents hate admitting that!

  • Gee just think! According to “modern” psychiatry, it is better for your physical pain to be in physical pain because pain medications are to dangerous! On the other hand, here is an antidepressant for the depression you are in because of the pain! Yes we are MAD IN AMERICA and psychiatry has only themselves to blame! In the effort to “control’ and guide people into the crap you are selling, your use as a viable option for psychiatric care is not viable! GOOD JOB! My Arthritis is now a psychiatric problem! Let me tell you this “Psychiatrists”! You are slowly making yourselves a hindrance to well-being, not an answer! It will be nice when stress is just stress! Not

  • So the problem with psychiatry is that it is used for different purposes and outcomes depending on the winds of politics in a Country. What are the failings of Marxist psychiatry, they are being used in a Capitalist society! Never seen a politician treating patients in a psych. ward. It seems to have been the choice of psychiatry in order to please the society. Sounds like psychiatry is it’s own worst enemy! This is why I walked away from the Idea that psychiatry could help me in any way! If your living in a Capitalist society, psychiatry using Marxist anything is nothing more than an attempt to change the society through psychiatry! Yes we are seeing this play out as the wonderful ideas of Marxist thinking from Nora Volkow and others have become Guidelines Where addiction is an incurable brain disease that you will have to permanently change your behavior and cannot ever control yourself on your own, you need Gov. to do it because humans cannot be trusted to make their own decisions! This came about during a “Marxist” Presidency and is being followed by useful idiots! Can’t get a pain pill for your kid when they get their tooth pulled! Political psychiatry is the choice of the psychiatrist not the patient. When you are looking for help from psychiatry to have success in life which includes the society you live in and it is Capitalist, Marxist philosophy, ain’t worth crap to them. It’s a way for Marxists to change the society they live in by filling the heads of it’s patients with the crap that if only society was different! I am old enough to remember the 70’s and what psychiatry was like. It is back and it is political and worse than before! But, controlling psychiatry has been one of the goals of Marxism, since Marx wrote his book! I’m not fooled! I think the conclusions that Capitalism is using Marxism, is false. It’s the other way around. It’s a Capitalist Society and Marxists are using psychiatry it to change Capitalism and blaming Capitalism for what Marxist psychology says is wrong with Capitalism! That’s why psychiatry in the 70’s didn’t help me at all! I saw through it, just didn’t know what it was! The best example how Marxist psychiatry won’t work in a Capitalists society! Look at the Veteran Suicide rate! Maybe it (is) working at the VA hospitals! Time will show if psychiatry wants to stay a tool of politics or just want to help people deal with the society they are in or will it continue to be used to change that society! Sounds like this Cohen is playing a con to me!

  • People have seen through the mask already guys. When “drug/alcohol addiction” is a brain disease according to NIDA but no other addiction is a brain disease. Please for the sake of yourselves and the people who are now being labeled with a “brain disease” and having their chronic pain medications away because they drank to much in college and admitted it! Now the public will be far less empathetic about addiction and helping those with problems dealing with human nature! The longer the CDC guidelines are used the way they are now, the worse it will get for the public caring! Way to many people in physical pain and not getting care, wait until more and more people see their child or parent, in pain and told to go to yoga, meditation or physical therapy they have done countless times. This disease model thinking has Americas healthcare revolving around addiction instead of the other way around! Let me help you understand a different way! Back in my day, we were taught the truth in Chem. Dep. classes. It’s called a disease so the treatment can get paid for. It was in the book! Oh and yes, just like when it became a disease the first time, the doctor back then just like Dr, Kolodny today had empty treatment center rooms to fill! Guess when you take history out of the class, the disease comes back with a vengeance! I walked away from this years ago and have been speaking out since they decided to use treatment tools on the entire public! B.S. on that! This is about control using the healthcare system. No other “disease” out there that has as broad a brush as addiction, Perfect! Just like the expectation of the disease model!

  • See their we go, another cause and effect problem here! They “chose” to take loans for college and they feel stress now that they have to pay them back! Now they are “suffering from mental health problems” because of it! This is the kind of thing that makes psychiatry look ridiculous! What the obvious reference here is, we are all mentally ill if we have stress over a problem we created! Were hoodwinked by the college you went to and now have a mental illness dealing with the stress of paying back the loans and your degree is worthless! For this to be a mental illness, is to say that they were mentally ill to get themselves in that situation or it is better to blame the students and label them than to tell them the truth. It’s is normal to be angry about your situation and justifiable to have an issue with the College rather than blaming the student and not the institution for not preparing you for what you went there for! Anger/stress/depression because of a situation you naively got yourself into or got taken advantage of, is not a mental illness, it is a way to for the college to protect itself from the wrath of a generation of people! Screw them over then say they have a mental illness? Take or refuse their chronic pain meds and tell them it is because they have an incurable disease because they drank to much 30 years ago? Psychiatry is being used like useful idiots for political and powerful economic reasons. We See You!

  • As an individual with chronic pain, a low income because of the pain, yet not completely uneducated, all that hard physical work as the pain increased over the years, is the obvious factor here! First, just to make one thing clear, doctors didn’t cause addiction. Taking that much credit for the so called epidemic is arrogant of them and, well, not helpful for those that are working on a control issue!!! Dependencies are part of being human. As far as risks and epidemics, one thing the less financially advantageous and less educated in theory know, an opioid is a safer option than surgery! Lets look at the numbers of deaths per year! According to the Gov. own numbers and what everybody intuitively knows, there were 17,000 deaths from opioid medications in 2015. While there were 75,000 deaths from “hospital acquired infection” after surgery, in the same time period! Cost, availability, risk and pain trying to feed your pie hole are a bit more pressing survival instincts! When their isn’t all care for all people, I doubt there ever be, and no one solution for all pain situations, unless chronic pain has but one solution and treatment for either addiction and pain are treating a standard and not the patient trying to eat while working with some injuries over the years! Absolute answers in all pain or “addiction”, (psychiatric) treatment and causes, in the context of the life before the “patient”, in my opinion, don’t exist, yet! Why treat them that way? Have you really looked at the nature of applying guidelines that mean all Americans lives revolve around the actions of the addict, when it seems more scientific to me, that it be the other way around? As far as addiction today, it’s only being used as a political hot potato and control excuse! Have you seen this article? “Fewer than five percent of patients prescribed narcotics to treat chronic pain become addicted to the drugs, according to a new analysis of past research.

    The finding suggests that concerns about the risk of becoming addicted to prescription painkillers might be “overblown,” said addiction specialist Dr. Michael Fleming at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine.

    “If you’re a person that doesn’t have a history of addiction and doesn’t have any major psychiatric problems, narcotics are relatively safe as long as your doctor doesn’t give you too much and uses the right medication,” Fleming, who was not involved in the new study, told Reuters Health. ” But, I have no opinion on the matter! lol