Thursday, July 9, 2020

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  • I have been a psychiatric patient in Lithuania, in the university hospital in Kaunas, where I work myself as a doctor. I looked there for help and support as I suffered from severe postpartum depression, sleep deprivation and started having delusions and hallucinations. I expected some tests done as I had anemia before delivery, and then the baby got sick and I had to stay up for 10 nights in a row in a neonatal unit where they gave me no bed to sleep. I was waiting for someone to come and explain what was going on. Yet I was crushed instead, I was no longer a doctor, I was no longer a human, they started drugging me severely, and when I complained of side effects and asked the doses to be reduced, I received even more drugs and more humiliation. I was not allowed anywhere near my children, and that was pure hell to my soul. I was begging them to allow me home, but they told me I had to get well. My condition was deteriorating severely, I lost all willpower, my handwriting was small, I developed severe parkinsonism, was drooling saliva and lost all my mental and motor skills. I realized I cannot perform simple tasks as clean my teeth, comb my hair, walk, stand on one foot, write a page. Eventually with the help of my husband I managed to self discharge being floridly delusional on max doses of 3 psychiatric meds, being hardly able to walk, talk or think 2 months and 10 days later after my husband reaized I am not recovering and the psychiatrists telling I have ‘medication resistant schitzophrenia’. Things improved after I discontinued the poisonous drugs, and realized what they have done to me and my family. I requested the case records and to my surprise they were fabricated day by day to justify why they kept me in the hospital and drugged. All the concern I expressed regarding my children was named anxiety and delusions, and they kept changing meds as none of them worked – I still cared for my children. So indeed, Lithuania is a country where they would kill you and ruin your life and your family with no remorse, just to get the money out of your case. The system is rotten from a lame beginner resident to the head of the department and the head of the hospital. It is still the Soviet Union here. Psychiatrists are not doctors here, they are cruel executioners. The worst thing they do is lie to you and your family – the longer you stay at the hospital, and the more drugs you take, the better. The only thing they conceal is that better is for them and the pharmaceutical industry, of course and for university hospital, as the more patient they have with variety of diagnoses, the better. Please run from every psychiatrist and their drugs, if you ever really love someone, don’t let psychiatry ruin your life, just love that person, and love heals everything.