Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I was on prozac for mild depression and mild ocd. Over the years the dosage went up as it was not as effective. In the last five years I was on 80mg. I ended up with tinnitus and then hyperacusis so I tapered off the drug. I went through the most severe anxiety, paranoia, panic and ocd starting from about two months after stopping, the side effects were so intense I had a complete nervous breakdown and didnt stop sobbing heavily every day for two years. A homeopathic treatment stopped the tears..
    The GP recommended trying other SSRI’s, which made the tinnitus and hyperacusis EVEN LOUDER.! Then he recommended anxiety meds instead; and it made it louder still. Now two years after, and med free, this has remained so IM guessing it is permanent. I have debilitating and severe ocd that nothing has helped; tried all the CBT, tapping, eft, counselling etc and nothing helped. My life is a nightmare and I have such severe ocd and panic I am housebound and very depressed.
    I am alone and cry my heart out everyday. Every single drug that would help will make the hearing issue worse. I was NEVER like this before the Prozac! It has rewired my brain and destroyed it. Everything hurts my ears, I cannot have a relationship, I cannot hear any music because it gets stuck in a loop, I can no longer do my artwork as I cant hold pens, I cannot do sewing because I fear the needle; you name it my life is ruined. What the heck did it do to my brain? It really helped while I was on it… Twenty five years of being mostly on it, and now I make Howard Hughes look well.
    I have tried EVERYTHING believe me. I dont smoke, drink, do drugs; I do mindulness, I am grateful, spiritual and a peaceful person. I eat healthily and take supplements. Two incredibly long and horrific years…. will it ever subside or is this the way way my brain is wired now? Thank you Prozac for turning my life into a hell that words simply do not do justice.