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  • All I know is that 20 years ago the day the doctor gave me a prescription of Klonopin was the day my life ended. I still am alive but getting real bad. The internet was in its infancy. Ther was little discussion of the benzos. After learning so much about it, I tried titrating twice , both over the course of a year. It was horrific and I made it down to the last little sliver and went off . 2 to 3 months later all hell broke loose and I ended up in the emergency. Had to reinstate. while I was n the emergency room I was called a benzo junkie by a nurse and was told there are more people with benzo addiction coming into the hospital that heroin addiction. I can never get off this poison. Benzo withdrawal syndrome is real. It almost killed me. And the anxiety came back with a vengeance. I am only 62 but even had to go on disability as a result, many years ago. It not only ruined me , but my finances, my marriage and so many other things as in loss of friends, etc. I live in the shadow. Psychotherapy? Hogwash.