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  • It feels better actually to practice without an all or nothing mentality.

    What I mean is you prescribe medicines at same rate as the stats you showed on your article from the 1980’s.

    It’s pretty obvious that medicine helps only a minor percentage and logic shows this is probably when the cause is neurotransmitters. It helps but does not cure.

    Using logic it also shows that most of the time the mental health challenge is caused by something else. This could be a separate biological function unrelated to neurotransmitters (central nervous system) or a social factor like mental abuse.

  • A verse from bible says God helps those who help themselves.

    Upon reading this story I say “who helps those who can’t protect themselves from abuse?” Actually heard this question or something near to it from Delores Oriordan cranberries singer.

    It appears that dr. May did. Well done.

  • I believe that nutrition and minerals can BENEFIT people when the endocrine system is casual for schizophrenia. The nutrients and minerals can help with stabilizing hormone levels which are malfunctioning due to endocrine system functioning.

    The above In combination with healthly lifestyle choices a person could live very well. One lifestyle change in particular is living an altruistic life where you treat people well. This with nutrition can actually manage schizophrenia nicely.

    Now if you look at central nervous system functioning as casual for schizophrenia I tend to think treatment is meant to utilize psychotropics or perhaps psychotropics as needed.

    Researchers claim they don’t know how they work but they alter neurotransmitters which is precisely what the nervous system functioning handles on the body. Thus these medicines treat schizophrenia when casual is the above scenario.

    Researchers seem to be correct in saying schizophrenia is a cluster of different illnesseses that have different prognosis.

    Maybe I should leave my 9 to 5 office job and enter program to become psychologist. I figured this out drinking on my back porch a few years ago.

  • After I reading mans search for meaning I concluded only experiencing extreme pain would give understanding of logotherapy. The way I see it is that logotherapy precisely as it is explained in Frankyl’s book could lead to a person suffering such extreme depressions as president Lincoln to come to grips with their torment.

    I just think logotherapy can miss the mark with many people.

  • Here’s a stretch but if you look at effectiveness of psychotropics in treating an illness like schizophrenia quite possibly it’s due to central nervous system as there is evident link to neurotransmitters and that’s where psychotropics function.

    If you look at ineffectiveness of psychotropic’s in treating an illness like schizophrenia then possibly there is a link that most of the time the illness root is endocrine system or some other non biological cause such as exposure to trauma.

  • Well I’m not a dr. or researcher but I like to study this and then think about for hours in complete silence.

    I don’t think schizophrenia is a syndrome because the indicators are not a group of associated symptoms.

    That’s theoretically not the same as a group of different illnesses that cause psychosis. This means that treatment should be different depending on person. If a mental illness was caused by the regulation of hormones the treatment wouldn’t be same as if it was caused by the central nervous system.

    A researcher in theory could make the case that psychotropic medicines might help if cause is central nervous system but likewise would do nothing if cause was endocrine system or regulation of hormones.

    As I was saying I have a degree in business administration.

  • Very good blog and well written. Helpful story to hear about impact of diet and nutrition. This blog can be applied to schizophrenia as well.

    When talking about the association of the gut to the brain you mentioned central nervous system hypersensitization and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-axis.

    Central nervous system activity with the firing of neurotransmitters to and from the brain is a theory I agree with for being a cause of schizophrenia.

    You also mentioned altered hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal-axis and this would be a function of the endocrine system. The activity of the endocrine system and regulating hormones is another theory I agree with as a cause of schizophrenia.

    Schizophrenia is a cluster of different illnesses (could be one of two ways mentioned above or something totally different) and so the path of recovery or prognosis is different for each individual.

    Very good blog.

  • 1) This piece moved from one topic to another.

    2) when looking at psychosis in particular I think IN SOME PEOPLE the illness causes one psychosis as also causes two a strong spiritual connection or invasive supernatural phenomenon. They both are consequence of abnormal/unusual neurotransmitters sending messages to and from the brain via the nervous system.

    I once heard Will Hall talk about this on madness radio and used term urban shamanism. It’s easy for people to feel their gifted or better than average people, but in reality it’s due to an illness which happens to also be characterized by brain degeneration.

  • In the 1900’s the hegemony or hierarchy wasn’t set up as bait and you can kind of see this in the book review. In modern times it is more like bait. Individuals bite from so many areas (not just pharmaceuticals) and then become ensnared. The amount of individuals overweight or obese is another example from what I mentioned in above about taking what you don’t need.

  • The far reaching powers released some psychiatric medicines such as antipsychotics because they are illnesses of unreasonable pain

    It helps those who need it and hurts those that take who don’t need. Taking something you don’t need goes against basic tenants that foster strength and power so this deserves harmful consequences.

    It’s bait and many people bite and then become ensnared.

  • Matt,

    Schizophrenia is a label that refers to many different illnesses. The bodily system of the central nervous system is CASUAL, but the endocrine system can be contributing component to schizophrenia as well.

    The above is a good reason why the prognosis for people that have the diagnostic label of schizophrenia varies. The treatments are best if they are individualized and centered on specific person.

  • I don’t want to post a citation because after a night drinking vodka outside on my back porch I began to believe this theory. At the moment I’m doing more research on all of this. If I post my work it will be to a masters or doctoral program.

    All I can elaborate on right now is that I get weekly massages and it has virtually saved my life. With the massage treatment and the appropriate pharmacology I am doing well.

  • drugs are substances that alter the function of the body. Most drugs are from natural plants. Some like cocaine are used for recreational use. Medicines are drugs extracted from plants and put in a pill form. Science has found other ways by using chemistry and combination of substances to create new drugs.

  • Steve you say, “If that’s the case, how do folks like John Nash or Elenor Longden or Will Hall recover without any drug interventions, in your view?”

    When I wrote that thee is a strong biological component to schizophrenia I meant that I think schizophrenia can be caused by the central nervous system and the chemistry with the firing of nerves to and from the brain. The can account for psychosis and in addition can be how individuals have strong spiritual connection or experience supernatural phenonomon. The central nervous system chemistry causes both in actuality. I was showing a direct link to make the point about a biological component.

    I would say that John Nash, Elanor Longdren, and Will Hall might have a completely different experience. I may not be the cause of nerves firing and the central nervous system. I wasn’t saying my viewpoint was an all or nothing thing, but wanted to illustrate how there is a strong biological component to schizophrenia.

    Eleanor and Will recovered quite young and John was quite old so there is a difference in their experiences. They would be the best ones to share their own unique experience and and give an explanation. I listen to Will and Eleanor every opportunity I can get and their messages are POWERFUL!! They are national and international leaders just like Steve Harrington.

  • I’ll respond to Frank first. Franks says, “I personally don’t think anybody need pursue a career as mental patient if they don’t want to do so.” Here in Illinois I only have a few friends and they are people accusing mental health services and actually many of them are people who go to the center everyday. Excuse me for wanting to say something back to you all because I see them when you write some of the stuff you write.

    I’m on your turf here on mad in America. You want me off your lawn, but I have to say you and many of the BLOGGERS here could be profiting from the messages you send as well. Your messages attract people and you get more by being rude. Some people think many of you on this website such as social workers, psychiatrists, ect profit from being so anti psychiatry. You know how many books and websites are promoted on mad in America.

  • Kjetil, Well I’d say that medicine doesn’t cure, but it does alleviate. I’d also say that pharmacology is the best treatment for some people. Important words here are alleviate and some.

    I’d also say that some people’s mental health challenges like psychosis and schizophrenia are caused by the nervous system and issues with nerves firing to and from the brain. It’s not even the chemicals (dopamine and serotonin)that are causing the problem, but the actual firing of nerves in the nervous system.

    This not only accounts for psychosis, but also the emergence of spiritual connection or supernatural. Alot of the HIPPY people on this site say they are shamans and this is why only they are not shamans, but they have a things happening with nervous system.

    Thats what I think.

  • I can see clearly now that the world is full of dupes and you’re a genius.

    I would put in a good word to the keeper of the damned souls if in effect they happen to be those drug company hacks just for the fact that they sold this drug. I’d give my left arm to have them. I’m more thankful to the scientists who worked on them though. They don’t cure me, but they alleviate. My nerves firing to and from my brain are working strangely and I cant take it. I’m not like John Nash who can handle the pain so stoically and live on a college campus until I’m 50 and I begin to feel better. John Nash is not only a genious, but tough as iron.

    Good night. PEACE MAN.

  • Matt, What do I mean by a biological component:

    1) Does the term nervous system sound familiar. It involves the nerves that go from the brain to the rest of the body. I have only a college degree in business administration, however I know that is one obvious example of how there is a strong biological component. That is just one obvious reason. A fifth grader could tell you that. Just maybe you have studied too much social work or psychology classes to see how foolish it is to disagree with that. A medical dr can surely tell you that the nerves firing from brain may be out of sync and this can cause so many things including mental health issues.

    2) After Robin Williams passed away it was obvious that mad in America bloggers are as clueless about depression as general public. I laugh hysterically when blogger/commenters praise Dr Peter Goetze with the depression is natural response to life. This destructive reasoning is also bad for other challenges like schizophrenia. to Steve: Why sharing thi data i bad or asking question bad:

    1) Most here on this site were born dog eyed which is why they got entrapped in the mental heath system in first place. I was smarter from onset to run from treatment. After being put in straight jacket and hospitalized I eventually found a dr who administered the right medication and I ran far away. Anyways I don’t know about sharing the data other than there are truth , lies, and statistics. It might be ok to share this daaaattttaa.

  • Sure will! I’ll go into more detail soon. I’m waiting a while for more comment. Congratulations to you. RESPECT. All you commenters are usually so quick to bully kind females who express a diverging view. I’ve witnessed on more than one occasion where you hardcore people gang up on caring women who made amazing and thought provoking points. They were so nice and wonderfully written and wanted to help others, but it was dissident to your views. I was an empathetic listener and so I did my research so I can join in here on comment section.

    It seems you don’t have a lot to say when it’s a man who is expressing an opposing view.

  • The psychiatric medicines might be helping those who need them and hurting people who take yet don’t need them. That would be the ultimate insult and I think it’s sort of funny in a way. It’s also ironic to ay the least. They have my vote for sparing them damnation.

    The website and all the bloggers here are far worse in my opinion. It’s like 1960’s all over again when you all moved into the ghetto and damaged the infrastructure of the neighborhood, but in this case I’m the minority living in my lovely community. You’re at it again with me a guy who ha experienced severe mental health sickness. PEACE DUDE!

  • Everybody on this website wants to make it all better and spread the truth injection campaign. In the world we live in now, there is not going to be no psychiatric medicine. This is because pharmacology helps some people. It doesn’t cure the issue, but it helps alleviate. For many people there is a biological component to the mental health challenges that are experienced. Only an utter fool would disagree with this.