Wednesday, August 10, 2022

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  • I am looking for help finding a doctor in Minnesota that is opposed to ECT or would be favorable to testing my husband to measure his residual deficits. His current neurologist (not the one that ordered ECT) had an MRI, PET scan and a neuropsyc eval done and he feels nothing is wrong and that my husband is “just depressed.” My husband had his only ECT tx’s (6-8 total) 2 years ago, and has memory loss and significant cognitive impairments and deficits that were not present before the ECT. There is now no hope of him returning to work but I am looking for a way to prove these deficits so I can appeal for disability benefits from the private insurance carrier. I cannot support our family by myself, especially since he is no longer capable of functioning independently for himself or our children and am really struggling to prove what has happened to him.
    We are on a limited budget, but I may be able to fly us somewhere if there is a doctor out of state that would be able to test him. Thank you in advance for any help.