Friday, October 15, 2021

Comments by Wendy Dixon

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  • Unfortunately this article feeds the delusion of the masses. The ‘get on medication and stay on medication’ mantra. So easy then everyone lives happily ever after including the mental patient. When in reality if that person had never been on medication in the first place an inherently self limiting phenomenon we call psychosis would likely resolve on its own. Perhaps with a peer mentor at their side to keep them safe. They would be living life as a productive tax payer instead of relegated to the mental health system ghetto, obese, sick, shaking, brain damaged with insulin dependent diabetes caused by this magic elixer. Waiting patiently in a drug induced stupor for their feet to fall off. Instead of a GPS in pharmaceutical poison a flight to a third world country during a first psychotic break would greatly improve recovery outcomes as scientifically validated by the world health organization. It would also be much less expensive. It is impossible to have informed discussions when we are trying to move people’s perspective from ‘the world is flat’ to ‘the world is round’. We are up against spin doctors with trillions of dollars of backing telling us the ‘world is flat’. For years I believed the ‘world was flat’. Thankfully I am always open to new information. Scientific facts and thousands of anecdotal stories tell the tale of a ’round world’. World views change. Get informed. It is an epic historic battle but this will tip as all things eventually do.

  • Andrew there in lies the rub. Thanks for your transparency. There are good people in these corrupt coercive systems. The cultural forces are so strong they either conform to survive, do the best they can under very difficult circumstance protecting the vulnerable to the best of their ability or they leave.

    Myself and another nurse started a private mental illness recovery company in Canada in 1997. We survived for five years on the bleeding edge. We knew we had to create something totally new and totally different. We were effective because we had skill but we were credible to individuals and family members because we had lived experience both personally and as family members. We made a full recovery and reclaimed our lives. Before we sat down at the kitchen table with them they believed because they were told by the ‘experts’ that it was life long they would never recover, would have to stay on medication the rest of their lives etc.

    So between having the nerve to disclose we were mental patients and use it as a strength point and a private health company in Canada we were not embraced by the establishment and discredited by mainstream psychiatry and mental health although we did have some quiet champions in these areas. We had an evaluation of our services and all clients surveyed would invest the money again. In spite of numerous attempts to get government to meet with us we could not ever get any real consideration for our recovery model of accessible timely service. Too much money is flowing out to big pharma and coersive care systems. We did manage to get a meeting with a Ministerial Assistant but he told us there was not a dime to be had. We then found out he was on a 6,000 dollar a month retainer in case his phone rang and he had something interesting to say. In my opinion probably not money well spent. Although he was a nice enoug guy.

    I am a Healthcare Leader currently. I know the large amounts of money that runs through a health unit and a health facility budget. Redirecting the money to consumer run services is now my focus. I am the Founder of Joshua’s Tree; the search for innovation in psychosis recovery. My goal is the creation of an Altered States Research, Recovery and Learning Community in Saskatchewan Canada. It will tip. It is just a matter of when. Thank you again for ‘fighting the Good fight’.

  • I would like some more detail on this situation. I am the Director of a long term care facility. One of the provinces’s mandates is to decrease the use of psychotropics. I am 100% on board with that and am prepared to do the work required. One difficulty is I have no authority over physicians contracted to my building so am dependent on their leadership to influence their prescribing behaviors. How did a facility director order psychotropics and a physician signed off on them? hummmmm Only a physician can order psychotropics. Was the Director a physician? or is this a case of a physician not being held accountable for their practice. I am taking this article to the rural manager’s meeting this week. Very timely for me in my quest to get rid of the use of these drugs in our facility.

  • Thanks for this blog. I totally agree with you. Psychosis or an altered state of consciousness needs to be explored and supported to its resolution. I have taught a seminar called Altered States Communication. Our Dr’s and nurses have no skills or strategies to assist a person in this state. I am beginning a lobby in Saskatchewan Canada to create an Altered States Research Recovery and Learning Lab so we can explore this phenomenon and learn skills to respectfully support people in this state. Supporting people (myself included) is complex and we must become creative and innovative in keeping the person, their family and the community at large safe during the process.