Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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  • Yes Alex I was referring exactly to “ascension” from 3D to 4D and beyond. It’s a very exciting time to be on the planet. I believe there is a collective of us that are meant to be doing this first to be able to integrate and “ground” it here in this “3D” physical reality as part of helping everyone else make the transition. Which is unprecedented for us as a species. It is abt de-segregating spirituality, politics/social reform and science and realizing more consciously that we have to merge them all in order to experience the reality we want to experience (and that really it’s all ultimately different aspects of the same “thing” anyway). Basically mainstreaming what has previously been considered the realm of “spirituality”. Bc there is definitely a stigma to spirituality yes. It is considered pretty “other” in discussions like this one bc the thinking is that that’s all well and good, but how do you take this spiritual wisdom and make it practical in order to be effective within the agreed-upon social constructs we have of government and economics and other regulatory systems. Well there are definitely ways, that isn’t the issue..the issue really is making them palatable to the mainstream who is asking this question! That I believe is the charge of a lot of us at this current time. Many of us have not necessarily been “spiritual” ever before but have been forced there through trauma and/or spontaneous awakening experiences that you cannot ignore or deny..this has all been by plan though, for those individuals to have lived life up to a certain point very grounded here in physical reality, scientifically-minded, often deeply entrenched in the various regulatory and other systems we have here and also in the fear-based programming of humanity. This is to help with the integration, teaching and mainstreaming of all of this so we can make the shift from there being these often relatively fringe social reform/revolutionary movements (which have all still served crucial purposes) that are coming from this energy of conflict and lack beliefs regarding mainstream society, to movements that are actually effective in actualizing unity consciousness. Which will eventually alchemize the even bigger conflict and oppression energies of war and violence (which have all served as perfect expressions of Creation, it’s just time to ascend higher to our natural state of being bc we’ve extracted most of the meaning from them).

    In my practice and when I communicate abt this stuff w those are are not more conscious, I do it in a way that sets it apart from “spirituality” . I feel like we need a completely new “category” of thought and form that merges spirituality with the categories that the mainstream considers empirically sound, for teaching, integration and mainstreaming purposes. Basically something completely new altogether. Bc even this higher consciousness movement mostly, or often, feels like it comes from the energy of conflict and lack, a victim mentality. As well as, generally speaking, all of the years of other reform/revolutionary movements and activity. It has all still been born from the premise that governments and systems are these constructs outside of our separate selves that we are the receivers as opposed to the creators of. All governments and systems are, are projections of our beliefs and energetic states individually and as a collective (as is the rest of our physical reality). This is why we have the collective experience of being the victims of governments and corporate world (and of reality in general), and why coming from this belief system and energy only keeps perpetuating this reality for us. This is why things appear so impossibly entrenched, bc we have created them to be this way. Paradoxically, the bigger energies that we perceive as controlling the planet have always known this, consciously or unconsciously, that’s how they effectively manifest themselves as being in these positions!

    This is why I feel unsatisfied with our existing paradigm of reform and change of any kind, bc it was not ever meant to effect drastic reality shifts to begin with. It was meant to begin to raise consciousness gradually. Even what we consider to have been big reality shifts in the evolution of our species really weren’t, bc they were contained within what we had agreed upon as reality. Now we are literally shifting upward in consciousness density as we speak and we need to take it to the next level as well in terms of how to embody, integrate, teach and mainstream this. It’s literally abt being on the cutting-edge of reforming the idea of what cutting-edge is and how it is in form. My understanding is that we in our lifetimes will begin to see the actual physical manifestation of the beginning of unity consciousness. Which will be a completely new reality. And not a new reality as in modern day vs ancient civilizations and earlier, it means a new reality in terms of shifting our idea as being separate beings to being one being, not in an abstract way but in ways such as merging to more of a telepathic consciousness (the Internet will one day be considered an ancient precursor of this!)..you can already notice this though w the huge increase in ppl’s intuitive capacities (esp in those of us who have been slapped awake having been formerly “I-won’t-believe-it-until-I-see-it-or-until-science-proves-it-” ppl)..again this is part of the plan to ensure more access/influence/relatability/credibility within certain parts of the collective for the purpose of grounding and mainstreaming, to facilitate a fresh vision that isn’t necessarily already connected to this in more formal “spiritual” terms.

    Alex I love that you were a psychotherapist too and that you were able to do the arduous work to begin to connect w who you really are (certain of us suffer through that first so that as “time” goes on others will begin to embody it more and more effortlessly..you are on the cutting-edge of this though!) I think you’ve barely just scratched the surface though! Remember to remember that you ARE the light and to be conscious of remaining in an energy of empowerment as opposed to waiting or feeling small or lackful in any way. That’s what caps and plateaus us often. Try envisioning the way first, to whatever feels like the next level of joyful expansion for you..instead of waiting for the way to be shown to you..focus on visualizing it more pointedly, even if it’s just feeling the essence of how it feels and what it represents. Your vibration is already so high that I bet if you do that in a more focused way than you have, you’ll start to feel the flow toward it being unblocked.

    Often what happens is that ppl set their sights way, way too low, just bc of our lack beliefs that we are the receivers and not the creators of our outside circumstances. Your physical circumstances only reflect your current state of being essentially, they are just a mirror of you. So look for the ways that you might not be taking action bc of beliefs that your circumstances aren’t abundant enough to provide the means for the action..or bc of any beliefs that might come from a place of forgetting that you are completely free and that any limitations are just illusory. In my experience sometimes you need to take some sort of “drastic” action to take it up to the next level if you feel like you’ve already done what I’ve described and you still feel “stuck” . This is when it benefits you to learn how to connect w your intuitive guidance system which uses emotions to help you navigate by telling you how close or far from the truth of your true being you are (the worse it feels, the further from the truth it is!). It sounds like you are probably pretty astute re: this concept already in general, which can be tricky sometimes to discern your true intuition from what I call emotional reactivity/fear..esp w this idea of taking drastic intuitive action, obviously. It’s like an advanced level of using LOA!

    But the thing abt this stuff is that in my experience it is actually 100% empirically reliable as a therapeutic modality..and outside of therapy. It’s one of the ideas I’ve tossed around, being involved in mainstreaming these ancient spiritual truths and laws of energy and reality through building a more empirical research base in and through clinical Mental Health practice and application. Which is a completely different approach than my idea of an “unshrinking” system! It hasn’t been until really recently that I started to be guided to different communities and means to further explore how to actualize all of this at the next level..I’m really not concerned abt the seeming obstacles at all bc I know that’s all just illusory..the only obstacle I even consider an obstacle is whatever might be left of own lack belief/fear conditioning, bc that’s literally the only thing that stands in the way of allowing the flow of ideas and answers and opportunities that match the level I am envisioning at. And whatever other spiritual lessons are left. I just don’t have a sense of outside limitations anymore outside of what I’ve created. So the work for me is how to navigate my own stuff in order to allow any of my ideas or desires to be realized step-by-step (the work for everyone actually, the ONLY work).

    Recently I was “guided” to the teachings and community of Bentinho Massaro who is a new whippersnapper in the spiritual community that has a pretty cutting-edge vision and is really action-oriented, so I’m curious abt sharing my ideas there also, etc. In fact that’s how I found this blog in the first place was bc I was doing some “intuitive Googling” to inspire some creative focus/clarity around developing my own vision/theme/purpose to prepare for taking it to the next level. So I was very happy to find someone like you posting abt using spirituality as a conduit for systemic reform on a non-spiritual blog! 🙂

  • Alex I love that you wrote this, I am a psychotherapist in private practice that feels very strongly called to be involved in somehow revolutionizing the roles/meanings of “spirituality” and mental health as we know them..spirituality is just as stigmatized as Mental Health in many ways, so I’m way beyond thinking that it’s enough to be another practitioner incorporating “spirituality” into my practice…we really need a paradigm shift that takes the essence of what the truth is of both and alchemizes that into, well, the next level of consciousness of course..since we are experiencing that anyway on the planet as we speak!

    So for me it feels like beyond paradigm shifting even, it’s more like a completely new reality of how we experience those elements in mainstream life as it is known now. As you kind of indicated, there aren’t even any Mental Health issues in actuality, nothing is broken, except our belief in the illusion that the world is broken. I specialize in trying to completely de-pathologize the ppl I see (if they allow it!)..literally nothing needs to be an issue ever if we are living in a highly conscious reality. It’s not even that things aren’t issues, they just wouldn’t exist at all (the things we know to be issues now that are pathologized in and abt ppl, including their own pathologizing of themselves of course).

    It’s also true (in my understanding anyway) that we’ve been purposefully unconscious up until now bc that has been a desired and valuable expression of The Absolute in and of itself (just as is everything)..but as we know there is this grand awakening happening now and that’s changing..but I agree with the author of this blog that it is time for radical, radical change. Beyond even what most ppl know revolution to look like throughout human history. Life as we know it is going to be over! So I feel like in some ways this radical shifting will just happen more organically through us becoming more skillful in balancing allowance and manifesting..

    But, I know that part of my highest joy involves helping to lead this somehow. It is a strange limbo to be in, not fitting in nor wanting to be in the field of Mental Health, but continuing to use it as a platform still to do what I do (which is basically just use the theory and practice of higher consciousness as a therapeutic modality), bc I’m on my own journey of pretty rapid and kind of spontaneous awakening..I have a vision of allowing some radical circumstances in my life to come to fruition and then sharing it all w the world and letting the act of doing that do at least some of the work for me, but in the meantime, I am hanging out in this limbo trying to at least bridge the gap between spirituality and mental health but essentially really wanting to merge the two to create a reality where “spirituality” is just synonymous w the common sense of life, and where bc of that, there is eventually no such thing as Mental Health of course but perhaps in the interim we have a system that de-pathologizes..like “Unshrinking” (I use that term to describe what I do actually)…a system that works in the reverse that it does now.

    It is the most joyful thing to have ppl come into my office and to tell them that their only problem is that they are not being who they really are and that that is what is causing their “symptoms”..but also that their symptoms ARE actually parts of who they really are that have become distorted, and/or really, really loud bc they aren’t being listened to and essentially loved. And then integrated. And then they have no necessary purpose anymore, and they can fall away. Or, they are realized for what they really are and they become alchemized into strengths. Like elements of mania and psychosis and “personality disorders”…or any diagnosis. And truly the only barrier to this method is ppl’s own fears/illusions, of course. I’ve been “fired” occasionally bc ppl won’t allow themselves to be de-pathologized. They are more comfortable w the judgement..it gets them off the hook from having to know and love themselves!

    But, anyway, I’m glad that you were able to make the shift in consciousness that you did 🙂 There really isn’t even the language to describe what a profound difference it will make when it is chosen..allowed. This comment has gotten quite long so I will stop rambling now but I think my basic point is that I’d love to see an interim “reverse Mental Health system” ..de-pathologizing, de-conditioning, de-programming, learning how to experience and use the energy of unconditional love which is our essence. Learning to live within the new non-co-dependent relationship paradigm that is being templated now (a whole other thing!). But a system specifically for ppl who have chosen identities that involve mental/emotional/behavioral pathology. To un-do the damage as a way to help accelerate the higher consciousness shift for the collective…

    PS I had to laugh when I saw that one of your posts was @11:11..and on my birthday!!