Sunday, November 28, 2021

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  • Dr Breggin, I appreciate your work. But can you be more clear on the use of cannabis in regard to drug use ? I myself am on medicinal cannabis for Lyme disease and many people are healing from all types of illness with medicinal cannabis. I was labeled with a psychiatric illness when I had Lyme disease. I am now on a herbal protocol that is healing me along with medicinal cannabis at low dosages. I did not choose to use medicinal cannabis in an illegal state to get high or escape from reality. In fact, just the opposite, it is healing my memory my damaged brain from the long term 20 year use of benzodiazepines. I am remembering events from childhood long forgotten. It is helping my mood, helping the PTSD I got from doctors misdiagnosing me for years. I am a RN BSN and I don’t appreciate you referring to marijuana as in the same class of drugs as cocaine although the federal government has still got it listed inappropriately. That will soon change in this country. You can abuse sugar, cigarettes which many do, caffeine, and even alcohol in moderation has been proven beneficial to your health in moderate amounts. You are still looking at marijuana and putting it right up there with drug abuse. That is what is wrong in this country. I support Mad in America. I am anti traditional psychiatry but I think you need to rethink how you word and term the use of marijuana in your posts. Many mentally ill patients have found great relief with medicinal cannabis all over the world. I have talked to thousands on line and on Facebook forums, many using it do detox off opioids, benzodiazepines, and mind altering psychiatric drugs. Please think about that. Thank you Jackie

  • Dr Breggin, I fully support you and appreciate you saying that psychiatric drugs are neurotoxins which I feel is exactly what they are as a RN who had Lyme disease and drugged for years unnecessarily. But please be more specific with the way you refer to cannabis or marijuana. I am learning now as a member of the American Cannabis Nurse Association that cannabis has profound medicinal uses for all types of diseases, including mental illness, and it has profound abilities to stimulate neurogenesis of brain cells. I know personally it has helped me reclaim a lot of my life and recover from the damage that benzodiazepines did to me. I am in my 14th month totally drug free after being given psychiatric drugs and a psychiatric disease label. I do feel that of course cannabis like caffeine, sugar, and other substances can be used in excess. But the science is there, cannabis is a natural alternative for the treatment of mental illness and other disease states. Warmly, Jackie Mcknight Jackson Tn.

  • Hi Monica I had to write and say what a difference your story is making in my life. Your story is my story !! I am 8 months in withdrawal from being polydrugged for 20 years with psychiatric drugs. I am a RN x 32 years but ended up so ill while being misdiagnosed over the years I am on disability. I too am just learning what my real problem was 20 years ago. I have histamine intolerance and possible mast cell activation syndrome and small intestine bacteria overgrowth. My gut was damaged from being sick a lot as a kid. I had lots of antibiotics and I now realize some food allergies. I was healthy and strong up until 1994. I was a gardener an avid horseman and I worked hard as a full time RN. I was given psychiatric drugs in 1994 when I was having anxiety insomnia and an elevated heart rate. That spiraled out of control over a 20 year period with diagnosis like fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome Epstein Barr virus depression bipolar and others. I was able to work up until 2007. I was bedridden two years in 2012 and 2013. I then was told in 2013 I had Lyme disease and I ended up sicker thanks to the antibiotics. I hit rock bottom in 2016 and hit my knees before God. I somehow found the book Medical Medium by Anthony William. It saved by life. I with the diet and juicing got off all the drugs I had been on years. I did not know it but I was eating a low histamine diet. I began to feel better. Then as I came off the drugs I starting having horrible bowel problems and crazy symptoms. My blood pressure went high and I was hospitalized. It finally leveled out. I then started to listen to my body. I learned about SIBO and how this causes problems with histamine and other things. I found your post on this site tonite looking up how psychiatric medication affects histamine in the body. I cried after I read your post. I am healing like you right now. I have worked on all my trauma and my body is healing. It is changing. I am seeing doctors soon to treat all my problems. I am seeing improvement with a low histamine diet and a DAO enzyme. I cried for my
    Mother too. She was diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic in 1950 and had a frontal lobotomy. I believe since I am so like her she may have had a histamine problem or a methylation gene defect. I think the doctors found it so easy to label me when they could find no answer. My own family also chose this and have failed to support me as I heal. I am still in withdrawal from the drugs Paxil Ativan and Lamictal. I have been off of them for 5 months. I came off so easily compared to the past it was shocking. I am finding my true self again after years of being so ill. Your story is a blessing. And an inspiration. God bless you. Jackie M.