Thursday, December 1, 2022

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  • Hi, I have had the lot, at its worst I was hospitalised, I think I have full DID, but in its most simple form, so maybe my case, may help with understanding. From my research I now believe that the trauma happened when I was too young to comprehend and my personality, not fully intergrated (this coming from the model, that our personalities, are not fully intergrated, when we are very young, but, different parts of the brain associated with characteristics related to personality, that bond together). The parts of the forming personality associated with morality, love and goodness, blew a fuse and went into shock. The parts of my personality associated with cunning, anger and protection, carried on, in a heightened state. From then on the two parts couldn’t fully weld together, because the moral good side, could not deal with its memories related to the trauma or the memories carried by the other side. This was ok, most of the time, until something happened that served as a reminder and the part that originally went into shock, fused out again, with ensuing puzzling and terrifying complications. If I had been older and therefore intergrated as a personality, at the time of trauma, the protective angry part, would have helped the moral, loving part deal with it.