Wednesday, May 18, 2022

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  • 100% true, I skimmed through most of this. It’s a long read and I was tired, although I am deeply disturbed over this system and how its run. Not just psychiatry, all sectors of governance have become corrupted. When people go to school, get a degree, get a job but are left entirely ignorant to see the damage their job does to the people. The whole process of extensive school “programming” is counter intuitive and a waste of time, if your not helping society, your probably destroying it. For social workers, probation, correctional officers, dr’s, the 9-5 work schedule becomes too stressful. Workers become desensitized and non empathetic towards their patients, in order to adapt and relieve the stress of carrying on the emotional weight. This is why kindness requires strength, the type of strength people in this world just don’t have. Indoctrination turns these feelings off as we are taught to fend for ourselves and not love one another. These social workers, etc turn off these feelings of empathy because it becomes the easiest way to cope. That is why abuse and negligence persist and is overlooked and forgotten because that is easiest. So if anything happens in these facility and it violates the patients rights, it is easiest to forget about it and continue on with regimen. As for the intentions of the dr.s themselves. Are they there to help or to profit? I dont know. Profit seems to be an idea assumption after their act of continuous prolonged, potentially dangerous treatment with out any positive result. I could never watch someone suffering knowing that I am the cause and not change anything to make someone feel better. I could never keep, not a being or animal indoors no matter the circumstances. We are human and we need to be free and in a healthy environment. If someone can go to go to school and get a PHD, which requires a great deal of discipline, with in this disciplined process you loose your sense of empathy. Like military personnel, a system set in place made you suffer, now you don’t mind watching others suffer as well. A PHD with out empathy will lead to mad science and mass suffering. Someone may be intellectually suitable for a position as a dr, but not emotionally.

  • Forget about Marx Forget Capitalism, forget about googling what someone else wrote to prove them wrong in order to sound smart in a blog. Which helps no one. That’s not the main objective of this article. After having read this article the most valuable conclusion one can gather after reading this, is how detrimental the psychtriatric system we have in place is and how their authority violates the rights of humanity. Why this system is in place is to serve Marxism and Capitalistic agenda’s, true but not the point of this read. When the governance we submit to has all the right in the world to incarcerate based solely on the fact that the pathonologized victims views do not align with the typical political dogma. This article shines light on the amount of control these entities have over society and how the working class can change this evil elite agenda. As the ruling class and their agenda’s are an act of evil. I have worked in these psychiatric facilities, I have seen normal people, incarcerated and poisoned with mind numbing SSRI’s and thrown into rooms like animals for years on end. That’s not treatment and it is not effective. I have seen abuse and these people are silenced. Yes people are infact ill mentally, but the protocol of treatment is negligence, abusive and counter productive. If you want to be “brilliant” Instead of belittling one another on the internet as I have read in the comments. Why don’t you work together as a functional society to stop these evil forces. ” Instead of having the commentary filled with arguments over the insignificant matters in this article, such as “I am going to disagree with you in efforts to make myself sound of greater intelligence because by pointing out your character flaws I in return make myself seem superior” That’s transparent and it’s mean. That is not how we move forward as a society, that is not how we help one another. You need to read between the lines, find the problem and offer a real and valuable solution based off of your knowledge. That is intelligence. How do you stop an evil ruling system of authority when they can incarcerate those that oppose its agenda(non conformist)?