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  • In my opinion, for a non-shaman, non-medium persons to interpret what is at work here is like someone who cannot see colors trying to be an expert on impressionists paintings. Simplistic and false. I would not dare to interpret anything without a personal living experience of the trance.

    Shamans know the lower astral, where they establish connections with nature entities and the deceased. They may also connect to the higher planes where advanced spirits and light beings procure guidance and healing. Alternatively, you can explore this with hypnosis or as a medium.

  • @JanCarol Your words inspire me. I did the breathing sessions in cellars in Paris. The analogy was that of an uterus, and the mattresses a placenta. Perhaps the cavemen used the caves for initiations too, in the mother-earth uterus. There is a gestation, and an emergence. The therapist gives birth in a certain way, some are proud of it. This creates a connection. The important thing, it seems to me, is the assurance of not being judged, interrupted, censored, contradicted, rejected, despised, in this space, during the time of the session. Some people never give you that kind of freedom. To be yourself. Religion forbids it. In the caves I had the freedom to express my anger loudly.

  • @despondent I did not write this article. I simply wish to share my breathing sessions experience. I do not believe in ‘schizophrenia’ and I won’t discuss my own psycho-social difficulties here because it is private. I consider ‘schizophrenia’ a phony label, a psycho-social meme, a belief. Therefore in my perspective you do not ‘heal’ from ‘schizophrenia’, you simply stop believing in it.

    To do that in a society where the psychiatric cult is a state religion, is a very difficult enterprise. It requires a very resilient personality. That is where personal development can help. Things may be easier in a shamanic society or a place where the Open Dialogue approach is available.

    The prejudice I referred to is the notion that the physician should interfere in anything psychological or spiritual. Another is that the medical approach should always be appropriate in the psycho-social demands labeled ‘psychosis’. Either you do not understand yourself or the people around you do not understand you. The physician’s job is to exclude a cerebral condition iatrogenic, toxic, carential, infectious, immune, traumatic, tumoral, metabolic, hormonal in origin. There is a rigorous semeiology to follow in order to do that. In my experience, very few physician do their job properly in that regard, and they are blind to iatrogenic conditions. If these conditions have been excluded, the physician is no longer a therapist but a psychoactive drug provider.

    The Open Dialog approach seems enough to amend the dysfunctional relationship between a person and the people around her. However I think it does not fully address the misunderstanding of yourself you may experience.

    For example voice hearers offer several tricks to learn how to cope with inner perceptions the person do not understands or do not wishes. That is also where personal development techniques and martial arts may be helpful, especially the tricks that allow body consciousness, achieving peace of mind, conscious control of vegetative functions like biofeedback, shakras, meditation, yoga. Complete body massaging and a slow, gentle, complete scraping of the skin, inch by inch, are wonderful ways to establish dialog between yourself and your body and to receive the body’s knowledge and wisdom.

    If you ask yourself questions, some shamans may help contact the spirits, establish dialog with the ancestors and spiritual guides of the person and heal many wounds. Michael Newton and others affirm that a spiritual hypnotist may help reconnect with previous lives, the live between lives before the womb, give purpose to life and restore strength. It is soul work and metaphysics.

    Then there are past traumas. Mind-body breathing practices and probably also Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing and other practices may help reintegrate forgotten parts of the psyche inhibited in past traumas in this life and in previous lives.

    These breathing techniques are many and very ancient in origin. In my experience the so-called ‘rebirth’ practice allowed me to heal past traumas, develop a more free breathing and enhanced focus. It may open spiritual consciousness.

    I think the sessions should be personalized of course, unless the therapist be a robot. You are a person and a soul. You are important. You are unique and precious and the instant is unique and precious and will not come back the same again. You assert yourself. It’s not about your brain. It’s not a protocol. It’s all about you and what you do not understand about you. Your personality, your feelings, your emotions, your behavior, your dreams.
    You are not the same person before and after: you are more yourself. You have to accept the therapist and the therapist has to accept you.

    I don’t know the exact price of the sessions. I think it should be comparable to any psychotherapist’s consultation.

  • @ sergioL, each session consisted of a prior exchange on the objectives pursued, an hour lying on a mattress accompanied by a therapist, practicing conscious deep breathing, with the placement of the consciousness in specific areas of the body, and accompanied trance, then feedback during half an hour and the maintenance of a descriptive diary of the sessions. The rhythm was one session a week. I did 20 sessions first and another 20 with an interval of 3 years. During the same period of my life and later, I had other mind-body breathing experiences in group and also specific practices in a swimming pool. I had others experiences in several kind of massages, what is called ‘eutony’ (Gerda Alexander), and martial arts, aïkitaïso, taïchi, for grounding.

  • I don’t think there is oxygen depletion during careful deep breathing. But dissolved carbon dioxide levels probably change and the caliber of the cerebral blood vessels is probably affected too. No drugs involved in this kind of trance. I think the key is to go slowly at your own pace. My inner feeling was that previously inhibited territories, old memories were awakening to the consciousness.
    I never shitted nor peed nor writhed during my sessions. I cried a lot, though. And I laughed.
    I think it would be good to drop the derogatory, pseudo-scientific language like ‘psychosis’ or ‘schizophrenia’ and all the medical pretense when talking about personal development.
    I think there is no need to frighten people nor pretend to make science when exploring what is personal and spiritual in nature.
    I understand the promotion of mind-body breathing techniques would have the potential to reduce the sales of psychiatric drugs. I think there is no need to revile honest practitioners or their clients.

  • This is great. <3
    In my experience, breathing can provide answers to your questions, the feeling of existing more intensely, being connected, developing empathy, the sense of pleasure and life in every part of your body, and reveal a source of serenity flowing in you, soothing, giving confidence.

  • Thank you Kerstin Ogard for sharing your experience. In my opinion breathworks and mind-body consciousness techniques are the key to success, but people must understand that is goes way beyond healing. In my experience, breathworks open spiritual consciousness with no closing it and may connect you to previous lifes. That is not what most people would look for. Most people do not want to become full-time psychics, instead they are looking for standard personalities, and socially integrated lifes. Breathworks induce trances and mind-body memories reviving and acceptance. I think this kind of help has to be offered with complete empathy for the person and very slowly and respectfully, with much feedback and with spiritual help too. Once you embark on this journey you have to complete it, because the flow is open, the devil is out of the box. And you may experience very deep, very traumatic memories, hellish states, too. I had 40+ sessions of what was called ‘rebirth’ and that was the most intelligent thing I did in my life. I regret nothing.

  • I asked about this…

    It has been known and proven since 1951 ! that ECT cerebral trauma is associated with ACTH and Glucocorticoid hormones release.

    Also known the fact that glucocorticoids intake may help depressed persons short term .

    So I say ECT practice is completely ridiculous in its theory and a criminal practice: I’d tell these criminals: “Just give prednisolone to your unlucky patients if your are too mediocre a human being to help them otherwise and spare them the permanent brain damage and death risk.”

    [1] Adrenocortical responsibility in relation to psychiatric illness and treatment with ACTH and ECT. (PMID:14897894)
    Journal of Clinical and Experimental Psychopathology [01 Jul 1951, 12(3):171-183]

    [2] Effects of electroconvulsive therapy on neuropsychological function and circulating levels of ACTH, cortisol, prolactin, and TSH in patients with major depressive illness
    Acta psychiatrica scandinavia, December 1985

    My article in french: