Saturday, December 3, 2022

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  • The question is: What is an “illegitimate authority”? I am 74. I have been rebelling against authority since my first memories. If I don’t understand or agree with the demand, I rebel (resist). If violence is threatened, I resist, even if I agree. I value reason first and foremost. If a reasonable request is made at gunpoint I reject it on principle, the NAP (non-aggression principle).

    A civil communication or social interaction needs no coercion. If I have reason on my side, I have all I need.

    Anyone who claims to put reason before violence must put his action where his mouth is. Actions speak louder than words, and they are more truthful.

    I value truth/reason because I value my mind over obedience. I do not understand those who do not. It is not life enhancing or mentally healthy, therefore it is destructive.

    Our culture has mixed messages, mixed values which contradict. Govt. schools teach obedience as the primary virtue. This is untrue. It destroys the mind/happiness. But it is a common belief difficult to correct. It is not natural but feels that way to many because the indoctrination started when the brain was forming. It is a handicap inflicted to make exploitation easier. It impedes energy and creativity. As the majority suffer it appears normal, but it is not an attribute of a healthy mind. Our society, our world is filled with this crippling disorder, which is now held to be “mental health”. The healthy mind is labeled sick and the “remedy” is forced treatments. The insane are in charge of the institution (the world). War & poverty are accepted as part of life by them. It is up to the sane to fight back, to identify the irrational, e.g., superstition, as anti-life delusion. All of us are at risk in this environment.