Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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  • Dear Bonnie, Hello
    please help me know how to taper chlordiazepoxide 5 mg
    I appreciate your article but I can’t read it all
    I am really in need to taper it after a year of daily consumption (along with sertraline; the pill which I managed to cut down recently to zero)
    I dread tapering chlordiazepoxide. my psychitraist didn’t help me at all for taper instructions and when i asked him to help me with it, he doubled my chlordiazepoxide up to 10 mg (which I didn’t buy from pharmacy)
    I have recently buy chlordiaze 10 mg ONLY FOR cutting that to quarters such that each quarter would be nearly 2.5 mg. so it’s two or three weeks now that I have reduced my chlordiazepoxide intake from 5 mg to 10/4 which is 2.5 mg
    🙁 there are so many pppl like me in dire situation of pain who need such help but they can’t have an outreach or they do and google to write but there is no one tto help them practically 🙁 I am so so sad about this

    I just want to tell psychiatrists “what you do is very very unfair and not humane”. you prescribe the pill but refuse to help ppl to taper

  • People pls help me. I am writing from Iran. So I don’t have access to any specific clinics (in case you’d like to suggest any specific clinic in your country). I have been on sertraline and chlordiazepoxide 5 for a year now. how shhould I taper chlordiazepoxide 5 pls? the dosage is small but its taper is not as much easy as it seems. BUT all of you pls know that WE WILL MAKE IT. with whatever dosage and what ever length of time. ok? I wrote to Prof. Heather Ashton. please read this. ok?

  • people if you know the strategy and procedure to withdrawal of chlordiazepoxide pls help me. ok? I really need it. I have been on chlordiaze 5 and sertraline for a year. a psychiatrist perscribed that but bow does not help me to taper. I need your help.

  • i am writing from iran. the psychiatrist who prescribed chlordiazepoxide 5 for over a year now is not willing to help me taper that. he also prescribed sertraline 50, and then I reduced that six months ago to 25 then within three months cut it to the current zero. I am really in need for help on how to taper chlordiaze 5 mg because he didn’t help me with that.