Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • Thanks! I appreciate your reply!

    I did not know about this:
    “ADHD has never been proven to a be a defect in the manufacture of stimulants/Ritalin in the brain so what is the medication actually treating.” Can you send me a link to exlain this more in depht?

    Are you refering to this when it comes to medicine short term effect:
    “American studies have shown, for example, that the effect of stimulant medication is superior to behavioural treatment after one year, but after three years the effect is no longer superior. If long-term stimulants lead to brain adaptation, this would support the typical practice of drug holidays. To stop medication during school holidays is a very good idea because this prevents the brain from adapting to the medication. On the more positive side, structural MRI studies comparing medicated and non-medicated patients have shown that medicated patients have more normal brains than unmedicated patients, which would suggest that medication has a positive effect on brain development.”,-madrid/

  • I am all about finding ways to live a healthy life. Great that you found a better way for your son, but there are people out there who have tried it the other way around then you with alternative ways before medicine. It made all the different, and articles like this can make those parents and children seem like they have given up into the big pharma or do not do the best for there children. I just want the humbleness of exressing that; “okay I have found this to work best for my son, but find it important to say that it does not mean that medicine is what is working best for others”. My bias is that healthy diets works for better health for every people, diagnose or not. I find it logical that if you have a genetic disorder that you get more easier effected by your surroundings. That include also food. So changing to food that suits that genetic system will have big effect, and therefor look like the solution to the case. It sure looks like it for your son, and that is great! That does not mean that it the best solution for other. It is so easy to preach when ones seem to have found a better way espesially when it comes to ones own children. I would recommand reading and respecting this:

    Lisa and I tried everything – changes in diet, homeopathic remedies, therapy, behavior-modification programs. He suffered the loss of every privilege he had and practically lived in time-out. ….I hate to say it, but I believe that Ritalin is working for him.

    After years of debate, trial and error, and living smack in the middle of the “medication bandwagon”, here I stand, tall and proud, so take aim: I GAVE MY CHILD PSYCHIATRIC MEDICATIONS, AND IT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE. But hey, don’t take my word for it, let’s look at some data from the CDC:

    This woman talks about her experience with weeks without medication. She is humble and remind us that ADHD people are different, and to respect alterative solutions also.