Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Comments by JLB

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  • I think it’s important to realize that situations in which people wrongly assume power and dominance over others and deny them their basic human rights – i.e., a voice – is not limited to treatment of mental health issues – they occur in all kinds of situations – in courts, schools, GP surgeries, general hospitals, family relationships, you name it. Victims need to recognize what is going on and exercise their freedom to choose and leave if they have to – simply because those behaving in such a way often do not want to give up their power over them. When controllers do realize what they are doing they often find it difficult, but not impossible, to give up their control.

    Patricia Evans has written some great books on verbal abuse and people who try to control others and I believe that raising an awareness of this problem generally will help to disperse it quicker! I identify with Chris’s anger and thank him for his strength, perserverance and courage in speaking out and sticking to what he thinks is right. I too have lived through the encounter with a number of broken systems (family, doctors, psychiatrists, schools, courts, social services, etc) and am still here kicking and fighting though at times I’ve only survived through sheer faith and hope.

    Thanks Rufus for continuing to support Chris and others and in raising awareness of the dangers, over use and dis-empowering state of psychopharmacology. Talking therapies are woefully underfunded. We want to talk about what’s happened and that can be a highly effective ‘treatment’ but who is making the time to listen? Who can afford it when making money seems to be the order of the day? It takes principles and a determination to stick to your guns and to go against the flow. You can medicate trauma and abuse by labelling, numbing and sedating people but it’s hardly the solution it’s simply ignoring and even cultivating more problems and issues – a supposed ‘fix’ of life’s most difficult problems that’s doomed to fail.