Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Comments by Jordan

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  • I tend to agree as well. I wasn’t so optimistic when I was on antidepressants and saw them not only fail, but make my problems worse. I actually felt really impatient and betrayed (“When are these FINALLY gonna start working?!”). But I have a few acquaintances & friends who currently use them, and several of them seem to be completely kidding themselves that they are working — either out of hopefulness, or of a weird desire to “save face” or maybe a combination. One acquaintance is very candid about every outburst, every episode, every dark thought on Facebook, and has, as far as the rest of us can see, gotten significantly worse over the years as her meds are changed and dosages increased, doubled up, etc (she always makes a public post when there’s been a change, which is the only reason I know). Yet she continuously shares articles defending the meds, always gushing about how they’re a gift from God and she “wouldn’t be alive without them!” It’s difficult because very often, families that have devoted years to these meds (not just the victim, but the husband/wife, kids, etc) will refuse to listen to any criticism of them, shutting it down immediately — even though an honest assessment of their home life would tell them “Yes, as we’ve upped dosages, our family life has gotten worse.” So I don’t put much stocks in reports of people claiming only happy, sunshine results from their meds. People are often completely blind to their own obvious inconsistencies when drugs are involved.