Saturday, June 25, 2022

Comments by Tessa

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  • Yes, it looks like a fishy group, of which there are many.
    I just know that, after long-term antidepressant and benzo use – prescribed by a psychiatrist who told me I would “always” have depression – getting off was close to hell. But – in the end – it was all worth it, as now I know that, whatever my reactions to life happen to me, they are genuinely mine, unfiltered through the lens of a pharmaceutical haze.

  • Thank you for this excellent, if totally disheartening, report. In earlier years, when I followed pharma-psychiatry corruption more closely, it was academic medical center psychiatrists who were the “thought leaders” and big buck earners. I wonder whether their shaming and public exposure led them to retreat and find less obviously ways to make money.
    As for hope that the excellent work done here and elsewhere to not only expose what amount to crimes (given the death rates of those subjected to these drugs, including my close family member), but to change the practices and system in which they are allowed to thrive and flourish, I see little hope, unfortunately.