Friday, December 2, 2022

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  • I almost Want to hit the screen whenever I see these articles. They always totally miss the mark… and I don’t know why?

    The Real Story that you completely missed is that people are left with Permanent Sexual Dysfunction Despite Not Taking The Pills Anymore.

    PsychCentral agrees with that premise in their criticism of these type of articles:

    There is an actual high profile adverse effect charity Rxisk Crowdfunding campaign prize to cure permanent sexual dysfunction from psychiatric drugs, $34 thousand out of $100,000 US Dollars has already been raised…

    There are thousands of members who signed up to a random yahoo group of permanent sexual dysfunction victims from ‘SSRI’s’:

    A dozen Youtube videos posted by people who were given Irreversible sexual dysfunction from ‘antipsychotics’ and ‘antidepressants’. Interviews with others, plus I have revealed my identity (something people with irreversible sexuality humiliation rape are unlikely to do) and wrote blogs and am even running a marathon campaign against the Irreversible castration of ‘mental patients’ with ‘mental health’ drugs.

    An active PSSD forum (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction)

    (some figures… about 60% more than 1 in 2 (over the short term?) appear with sexual dysfunction from ‘antidepressants’ while still on them. The MHRA (UK Drug Regulator) state that over 20% of reported sexual dysfunctions caused by antidepressants were reported as permanent disfigurement despite not taking them anymore…)

    I have been painfully trying to expose this for years. Uploading videos and posting them all over the place, interviewing people and making blogs and posting them everywhere…

    Is it not too late to edit?

  • For many the sexual dysfunction rape from psychiatric drugs is permanent. This is what a lot of people call PSSD.

    Despite being off the drugs thousands are still raped by PSSD. In just the UK alone the ‘drug regulator’ the MHRA put this number of irreversible cases of induced sexual dysfunction function to more than 20% of all the antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunctions reported. It is about 60%, more than half of all antidepressant users that are generally reporting induced sexual dysfunction while still on the drugs. Both Antipsychotics and Antidepressants unbeknown to ‘mental patients’ are actually used to chemically castrate sex offenders!

    Some people do not get to go back to normal, and the sexual violence inflicted on them is a lifelong irreversible damage. I do a lot of interviews for the Everyday PsychVictims Project on victims of PSSD on youtube. I have just interviewed a victim of the open eugenics sterilization board of North Carolina, with me a PSSD victim. That will be uploaded anytime now.

    I am also running a marathon campaign called ‘Run Against Castration’ in support of the prize crowdfunding campaign to cure permanent sexual dysfunction and other persisting harms from psychiatric drugs.

    Please support it too

  • A brilliant article. Coercing people into forced meditation or yoga or psychotherapy would also be sick. It reminds me so much especially the “No fault, no blame, no guilt, no shame.” chanting mantra… of brave new world the movie/book written by the eugenics society president and social engineer creators brother, where they chant and accept their sick created situation.

    They have some weird chant too like “deltas love their life they don’t complain, we love our servitude” etc etc.

    No amount of well wishing can fix the sterilisation of human beings. You cannot fix the eunuch slaves.

    Accepting this as anything other than barbaric is not okay. And it only served to continue this.

    PSSD = Eunuch slavery

    PSSD (Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction/Lifelong Sexual Mutilation Slavery From ‘Antipsychotic’ & ‘Antidepressant’ ‘mental health’ drugs)

  • Before I was given PSSD from ‘mental health’ drugs. I was really so happy looking forward to my life, to enjoy all the freedoms wasting time being stuck in the childhood ‘mental health system’ and it’s ‘special needs schools’ had kept me from. I was so incredibly happy to just be able to be in the normal world looking forward to my life, I had just started working as a job and had my own independent home. Flat sharing with friends and moving towns was an exciting goal of mine. 20 seemed a little late to start living but I didn’t care.

    At 21 my genitals wen’t numb and unresponsive to arousal and I was promised it would go back to normal when I come off the ‘medications’. That never happened and they did not know what they were doing and even said the revelation that was a first ‘don’t worry everyone on antipsychotics has messed up brain prolactin female hormone levels’. My family from the age of nine were just under the false impression it was there to help me with my Tourrettes Syndrome. Alongside that junk supposedly ‘antidepressant’ poison as the must for OCD.

    They then said it ‘wasn’t possible’ your prolactin would still be high ‘the drugs are completely out your system’ BS, and talked to me that It’s probable I have some ‘unrelated’ brain tumour, then some ‘unrelated’ hypothorydoism (from blood tests). I didn’t have either, but PSSD remained.

    I wish I was dead every day now. They have completely stripped away my humanity at the same time they have stripped away my sexuality. The degrading de-humanisation IS the same as an ‘eunoch’, look it up… De-masculaniting another human being in this way violating their sexuality and emotions for life every second of every day is the worst human rights abuse you could imagine. I cannot bear being around other people in the same room anymore, I simply am not human with human rights compared to them.

    Naturally I struggle to make sense to them, or connect in any way with them. It is unbearably life destroying and de-humanising. They are humans, and I am not. Others were allowed and encouraged to do this to me, and they refuse to warn others so they can pick up their money and live their own well funded fulfilling lives with families. My life is over, they stole it. And they will steal many others before they are finished.

    I have no ambition anymore, have other sustained damage to my digestive system for example (I **** myself too). I wish I was dead, I really wish I was dead or they could give me my life back and I could just go back to normal and get on with the rest of my life straight away. Withdrawal was bad enough, why could that not have been punishment enough?

    It’s been over 7 years with this permanent hell. I do not know how I have managed to still be here. I am dependent now, I volunteer part time and being around other people at work is extremely torturous. Maybe I will die after I have finished exposing it myself or when my mum dies. I had ambitions, I don’t anymore.
    Not that I believe in ‘diagnosis’s’ as the real way to explain peoples nature anymore. But drugging people and making the so called ‘mentally ill’ peoples genitals go numb on mass without telling or asking them is abhorrently cruel.

    This is what other children have to look forward too…