Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Comments by Debby

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  • A few months ago it was the third year Angel Verrsary of my daughter death. Died by gunshot, suicide. I read everything I could to try and understand it. And was still so confused. In the 3 years since she has been gone the actions and at times just plain out evil I’ve endured from people was devastating. In one day everything and everyone I had ever believed was nothing like I had thought. I’ve been ridiculed and more than once I’ve had the did stink feeling that they were blaming her death on me. I’ve even been told I use her passing as a excuse for attention. The big shock is, this all came from family members. As of now other than my granddaughter from my daughter I have no family. The mental abuse and hatred I’ve endured finally pushed me to try to end my life. So happens a friend on Facebook set out to find me along with the police. Well within 5 minutes I was handcuffed and literally thrown in the SUV. Then was put in the state hospital even though I had two types of insurance. Once there I was strip searched then thrown in a filthy room with only a sheet. In two days I got one glass of water and nothing to eat. Nobody took vital signs nor gave me my routine medicine. I overdosed on a full bottle of Ativan. Which I later found out benzodiazepines are extremely dangerous to detox off. Finally they let me make a call and while out of my hole I threw one hell of a fit screaming I have insurance and I was suing someone. Within 15 minutes they had me to another place. But as far as treating me any better, that didn’t happen. I can guarantee a murder would have been treated better than me. And this is so sad and morally wrong in today’s society but I promise you I will never ever tell another soul if God forbid I sink to that desperate stage. No way in hell will I choose to go to a place like that. So I got my answer. My daughter must have known what goes on when you ask for help. Right now with kicking my mother out of my house and completely cutting ties with the family members who caused such torture I am emotionally feeling way better and can actually see a future. Oh and of course the family members all said I was wanting attention and playing games. Sir I assure you it was by no means remotely a game. Point is apparently I was reaching out for help but none of them have enough empathy and understanding to see that. But at the same time I didn’t deserve the horrible treatment either.