Thursday, December 9, 2021

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  • “Its failure results from its dependence on a biomedical model of human development, which purports to explain emotional distress as a biological malfunction.”

    Yes, I’m still reading your article btw, but I agree with your assertions 100%.

    I have PTSD but was diagnosed as experiencing “psychotic Delusions” when I sought assistance for Family Violence that was triggering my PTSD. Because psychiatry depends on the biomedical model, PTSD doesn’t actually fit the psychiatric narrative of having a dysfunctional brain – because it’s caused by Trauma, not mysteriously developed like psychiatry explains Schizophrenia does for example.

    And when it comes to Trauma & active listening, psychiatry is completely lost. Therefore I never received the assistance I needed with PTSD but was instead diagnosed as having Delusions & they explained that I was traumatising myself by thinking about the delusions.

    This is the same experience Veterans have when they present at Civilian services with PTSD. I honestly believe psychiatry is not fit for purpose when it comes to PTSD & especially veterans.

    I would love to see radical shifts in psychiatric practice when it comes to PTSD & Veterans, so people can access the correct treatment for their needs without defaulting back to a biomedical model to explain a recent or past Trauma.

    Thanks for this article