Friday, January 27, 2023

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  • I don’t know why, in this day of modern medicine, that the psychiatrist chooses to treat the symptoms of mental illness with expensive medicines instead of treating the underlying cause of the illness, which would restore the patient to good health. As I said before, my research indicates that psychosis, depression, mental illnesses are caused by nutritional deficiencies. Treat the nutritional deficiencies and the patient will be cured. The only motive that I can think of to prescribe medicines is an unethical profit motive. Why would any physician want to watch their patients slowly starve to death? How can money be worth so much to the psychiatrists?

  • The chemical imbalance associated with mental illness can easily and quickly be remedied by a good physician. The biochemical imbalance is an imbalance of minerals within the patient’s body. Usually it’s a deficiency of potassium. However, while the patient is getting the blood test, he may as well be tested for other nutritional deficiencies as well, as poor nutrition usually involves many vitamins and minerals. It the biochemical imbalance is treated nutritionally, the patient can be restored to good health in a very short time. Of course the patient would require monitoring to make sure the deficiencies don’t return. Refer patient to a nutritionist or dietician and caution the patient that the deficiency will return if he doesn’t alter his diet.

  • Depression is a caused by several nutritional deficiencies, deficient complex carbohydrates, insufficient amount of polyunsaturated and saturated fats, deficiencies of fat soluble vitamins especially Vitamin D, which can be treated with light therapy, capsule. It is also possible to apply fat soluble vitamins to the skin, where the body can absorb them. Check the patient’s diet to make sure that they’re getting enough protein, Vitamin C, potassium, dairy products, eggs. As 75% of the patients in the developed world have nutritional deficiencies even though they have a sufficient calorie intake. This is called “hidden hunger”.

  • Alcoholism, drug and nicotine abuse all co exist with mineral & vitamin deficiencies. The patient should get a serum blood test and have his specific nutritional deficiencies identified. If the person with addictive problems refuses to go to a physician, the family could try to encourage the family member to drink milk, chocolate if necessary, or to take a daily multivitamin with minerals. Of course, it’s always better to get one’s nutrition from food and minerals may not be well absorbed from a tablet. I’ve suggested a multivitamin with minerals to two friends, who previously had difficulty quitting. After a few months on the multivitamin with minerals, they were able to stop, when they had been unable to do that before.

  • Unfortunately, there is a better, healthier, more effective, less expensive treatment for mental illness. The underlying reason for mental illness is usually nutritional deficiencies which the physicians don’t recognize and don’t treat. For example, lithium, a drug for bipolar disorder, works by replacing potassium, a necessary mineral in the human body. Lithium is toxic to the human body. It would make more sense to treat the mania nutritionally, with an equal amount of dietary potassium to the dose of lithium prescribed, the correct dose temporary dose of potassium would be 20 meq per day. It could be given in three divided doses if desired. There are many potassium tablets on the market, it’d be safer & more effective. The patient could be returned to complete health in a short amount of time.

  • LSD has a lot of dangerous side effects. The night after people take LSD they are all tired out. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen some people who looked like they were about to die. There are safer medicines and there is no way of predicting how a person is going to react to the drug. When a drug is prescribed, the patient response should be reliable and predictable. The patient is not a lab rat.