Thursday, January 28, 2021

Comments by Julie

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  • I read the article in Nature, and especially enjoyed this comment by the primary researcher:

    Ho acknowledges that his study is marred by the lack of a placebo control group — for ethical reasons, patients cannot be deprived of the medications they need

    In this country you can’t find a group of people with a psychotic disorder who are antipsychotic “naive” as they say – never treated with these drugs. Robert
    Whitaker talks about this in Anatomy of an Epidemic.

  • The most interesting thing was the comment that the “private sector” required this kind of national certification and guidelines. I foresee a future when private physicians, hospitals and clinics can bill individuals or insurance companies for services provided by a peer specialist. I’m not against peer specialists being paid, but think about it – there will be a “supervising” psychiatrist or psychologist who will be able to bill for their entire usual hourly fee for services provided by a peer specialist. Peer specialists have little formal education, no student loans and are generally paid very little. What an incredible money maker for the doctors and hospitals!! (When I see a nurse practitioner, the fees are the same as for the doctor, FYI)