Sunday, May 31, 2020

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  • On 08Aug2013, Dr Hamalion of Denver health, my lead doctor, told me in the presence of Dr Gardener (who had coerced me into talking to the doctors off the record by threatening me with 90 days of involuntary hospitalization unless I would talk to them without preserving the conversations with the recorder my family brought me, which was quickly taken from me by the doctors so that I would be unable to preserve an accurate record of my treatment) that she did not believe I was a danger to myself, a danger to others, or gravely disabled. In Colorado, those are the only legal reasons a doctor may hospitalize a patient against his will. I was not released until 13Aug2013. I reported my kidnapping, a class 2 felony, to the Denver DA’s office and the Denver police. No action was taken. Then I got a $30,000 medical bill. I have worked hard and saved money, so I could have paid the bill in full, but I refused to pay the hospital when the doctor, by her own admission in front of two witnesses, violated the law by keeping me there against my will when I did not meet the legal threshold for involuntary hospitalization. When I tried to rent an apartment later, I was told that despite offering to pay the full term of the rental up front, plus a security deposit, my credit score was too low to rent to me. I have lived with my parents or in my car ever since. I don’t work because my problem isn’t lack of money, it’s that I am not able to spend my money on rent. Having a job would get me more money, but wouldn’t improve my credit score, which is what is keeping me from living a normal life. I never signed any agreement to pay. I have disputed the debt with Experian 4 times, each time they have found the hospital debt to be valid despite the absolute absence of a signed contract. Here in America, we have a word for when the economic output of person A belongs to person B without the consent of person A. That word is slavery, and the US constitution, the highest law of the land, says it is illegal. I don’t want to live in my car anymore, but I am unable to move on from the stagnant hell my life has become my money doesn’t spend on rent. What am I supposed to do?