Monday, October 25, 2021

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  • Basic brain science makes it pretty clear that there’s all kinds of naturally occuring “drugs” make our brain function in a healthy away. To pretend that any of us are somehow free a dopamine addiction is nonsense, we’re all hooked on it. It’s perfectly normal. And to exclude certain substances because they are “drugs” is not close-minded, not backed by science. In fact some of the best research indicates the super low doses of certain psychedelics after legalization will be included in our daily vitamins.

  • It’s a difficult leap to differentiate between high dose life altering experiences from psychedelics in a party atmosphere when we’re young, versus the idea that legalization will lead to microdose levels of psychedelics as part of our daily vitamins for a healthy brain.

    When I was first given the opportunity/substance to return to a high dose trip of my teenage years of many decades ago I was thinking “I don’t need to get high, I need to work on my mental health in a disciplined/responsible way.

    Likewise, when first reading this article and didn’t know the nature of this website (which I now love) I didn’t realize this website was activism in opposition to the worst failings of psych med industry and was thinking this website was “more anti-legalization propaganda” that was preventing mental health sovereignty.

    So in general, I’m so happy to find this website and also so happy that what once seemed awful actually turned into something for our mutual common good that brings us together!

    Specifically, there’s very little market share for a corrupt RX-industry via the psychiatry profession that wants to control the future of entheogens. Legalization will open up the creative process of how to best use these powerful substances to everyone, which though harmful in some ways, is way more liberating than we can ever imagine.

  • This is loaded with way too many unfounded overtones that opponents of marijuana legalization once claimed. The work here yet again conflates the flaws of our society/psychiatric industry with the efficacy of drugs that have a history of human use going back more than 20,000 years. What’s more it doesn’t seem to acknowledge the primary use of entheogens in society today, which is daily or every other day microdosing among employees in the tech industry as well as among artists and other creatives.

    And rather than focusing on the benefits these substances have at the microdose scale it unfairly treats their use as if high doses in a therapy session are the only option and drugging someone at that level is of course always more problematic. But that’s a bit a of a strawman really in the greater context of current use / legalization.

    Furthermore, there’s now a great deal of evidence that the legalization of marijuana has led to a decline in consumption of more harmful (side effects) RX industry products. As in legalization offers individuals far more options, as well as the power to decide for themselves what works best for them. Because when you give people the power to experiment and decide for themselves, as well as huge new market of creative people, rather than a psych doctor that virtually works for RX industry writing prescriptions without much explanation or meaningful participation from the patient when it comes to product options and dosing levels there’s no learning/decision making process for the patient to learn how to take care of themselves. And that’s always going going to lead to too much abuse.

    As in you can catch then feed a fish to someone so they come back to you for more fish, or you can teach them how to fish so they don’t need you.

    It’s the difference between having someone deciding what you’re eating for dinner and then preparing it for you, which is problematic/fraught with abuse towards the person being fed, compared to deciding yourself what you want to eat for dinner, going to the store and buying it, and preparing it yourself. Sometimes you make a good dinner, sometimes you don’t. But over time you learn what works best for you and a doctor can help guide which meals are better than others.

    In coming years, just like legalization of marijuana (which has psychedelic-like effects), there will be thousands of new products to choose from and lots of reviews from users so the patient is empowered to make their own decisions and fine tune what works best for their needs, especially in a day to day microdose context, which the author doesn’t understand the value of even thought that is primary use for these substances currently in our society.

    Will there be abuse of psychedelics once legalization occurs? Yes… Just like any other drug. But the majority of people will use these substances responsibly and become a better person on their own with less control from the overpriced psychiatrist writing prescriptions for over-priced drugs with awful side effects that are driven by patent rights more than efficacy.

    Though if I was an RX industry executive trying to prevent legalization so my products don’t loose market share, I’d for sure be contacting this writer and hiring them to write more articles/propaganda like this so as to ensure we keep people drugged up in ways they don’t understand and can’t participate in that much and most importantly doing it at prices they can’t afford because capitalism is always more important than affordable health care.