Saturday, June 25, 2022

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  • I remember reading Maria’s article shortly after my daughter died by suicide on Nov. 15th, 2013—and thinking how well she hit every nail on the head, and how she truly describes the turmoil and hell we are going thru and will continue to go through for the rest of our lives. My thoughts go out to all of you survivors. I honestly can say I would give my life 1000 times over if it would prevent anyone from feeling and being in the hell I have been in, and still find myself in to this day. Sadly, nobody understands and not even my own family members has stood by me and been there for me in my hours of need. They expect I should have been healed by now. I have a dog who understands and loves me unconditionally for who I am, each day, without carrying grudges or judging me when I err. Much like the love I gave to my daughter, and she to myself. I thank God for every close minute I shared with her, but then again, I dont know if he exists anymore. And so we carry on, in spite of it all–deserving a huge medal of honor for courage and bravery at the end of it all.