Thursday, May 6, 2021

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  • The authors compare benzos to TCA’s not really a fair comparison as TCA’s are not routinely used for depression or anxiety much today.

    As a pharmacist working specifically in mental health who does not like to take medications in my own personal life (and advocate for stopping useless medications for patients I serve) I often am straddling the fence between rhetoric of Pharma and blogs such as this. As best I can my goal is to provide education on risk and benefit and let individuals make their own mind.

    My issue with many of the posts on this blog and others is the continued argument that the public is being fooled by this or that study to use a group of medication (over a cheaper alternative) for financial gain of pharmaceutical company. However not a single SSRI is still under patent of big Pharma. Venalafaxine, mirtazapine and bupropion (other 2nd gen antidepressants) are also all generically available for mere cents per tablet. Out of the 4 branded antidepressants available, only Cymbalta is one that I see being used with any frequency.

    Benzodiazepines are not all bad but come on the withdrawal between a benzo and antidepressant are not even close in safety, less we forget of fatalities from benzo withdrawal. Also withdrawal does not equate to abuse or drug seeking behavior, the later of which SSRIs does not cause. Nor the same level of toxicity when combined with alcohol, opioids or even alone.

  • I love my psychology friends but this study has more holes than swiss cheese. There is absolutely no cause and effect relationship that can be concluded. It is just as likely that people recovering and not having symptoms resulted in there no longer being a need for medication. Or thousands of other con-founders that could have led to these results by bias inherent to this type of study design.

    I am all for treatment other than medication, how about designing a study to demonstrate the effectiveness of other treatment. Simply presenting this misleading data and suggesting no treatment at all is more humane than any treatment is irresponsible, laughable and just plain incorrect.

    Show me some real data to support alternate therapy. I can come up with several medication studies that RANDOMLY select treatment groups and BLIND treatment to both the patients and researchers which show increased hospitalization, worsening symptoms and otherwise decreased quality of life in the group who received placebo.