Wednesday, December 7, 2022

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  • My god I am SO, so glad that somebody FINALLY wrote such a detailed explanation on the dangers of sorquel. I just wish I’d known all of this before my doctor decided to start me on this horrendous medication.
    I’ve just recently turned 17 & was admitted to a psychiatric ward when I was 14, in the October of 2014 after becoming very depressed & traumatised by my hectic home life. I’ve NEVER once experienced ANY psychotic symptoms, at times I get paranoid but that’s just because of my anxiety & PTSD.
    Within a WEEK of being admitted to the ward, my consultant suggested I start taking sorquel, bearing in mind I was just 14 years old & a small height of 4ft 10. I’d never heard of it before & I’ve always refused any antipsychotic medications because I’m aware they’ll be side effects that come along with them. I later found out that 12 out of the 14 young people on my ward were ALL on sorquel & pretty high doses too! One of them being 12 years old!! I refused point blank to take it for almost 3 months until I was placed under section & FORCED to take it. During this time, my consultant didn’t ONCE offer me a leaflet with information on sorquel so I had no idea what it was, what the dosage meant, what the side effects were etc.
    During the month I was sectioned, they’d increased my dosage from 25mg to 250mg. It affected my blood pressure so badly that every time I even sat up in bed to drink something, all I could feel was my heart thumping in my head & chest. On 3 occasions I thought I might actually pass out. I complained to a staff nurse working on the ward & she told me ‘it’s just anxiety you’re having a panic attack’ even though my blood pressure only ever sky rocketed a couple hours after I’d take the sorquel. I went from sleeping 3-4hrs a night to barely being able to make it out of bed after 13hrs of sleep. I felt sick & dizzy a lot of the time & couldn’t focus on the work my school were sending out for me to do. When my mum came to visit me on one occasion I struggled to even form a sentence & was in & out of sleep the whole time. She was that concerned she thought I’d taken an overdose when in fact I’d just been IMed with 50mg promethazine & 1mg lorazepam on top of my 250mg sorqeul.
    As soon as I was discharged from that hell hole after a LONG 21 month admission. I was FINALLY able to start coming off the sorquel. I was SO happy about it up until the withdrawals hit me. Once again I had NO idea what to expect as not a single one of my doctors explained anything about the drug to me. The nausea, stomach cramps, dizziness, heart palpitations were at times unbearable. On top of withdrawals I also suffer with Celiac Disease so have to deal with the effects of that too!
    I’ve just recently (around 8 days ago) decreased it from 50mg down to 25mg & I’m SO glad I’ve persevered. Comparing myself now to when I was on 250mg is crazy!! Not only have I noticed the HUGE difference but the people around me have too! I can complete school work & focus in classes properly, if anything my ADD & anxiety have actually IMPROVED, occasionally I do miss out on some sleep, but now I’m not doped up to my eyeballs I can actually cope with it!
    I honestly believe there should be SO much more warning around this terrible medication. If I’d have known how badly it would’ve affected me & how hard it is to come off, I probably would’ve done something legal to prevent them from forcing me to take it!