Tuesday, February 7, 2023

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  • I think it’s swung a little too far in the other direction. Young teachers these days are reluctant to correct mistakes. Schools are there to teach children conventional English. If they want to later make a choice and write like e.e. cummings they can but at least they have been taught the rules of conventional, academic English. In math there are many ways to solve a problem, however some of the kids who struggle in math might be better off learning one way really well so at least they’ll be figure out the electric bill when they grow up.

  • Please tell me that you are not treating colorblind people as if they are mentally ill. Sometimes people are colorblind to only a single color and they perceive it as a different color. For instance in your example, “Yet if I am to take this idea further, imagine you are a teacher of a 3rd grade class, and your students came to you and challenged you on the following ideas:

    “Mrs. Smith, the bulletin board is not red.” (Even though by all other standards it is)”

    The child might perceive the bulletin board as yellowbecause he is partially color blind. I would explain to the child about colorblindness and talk to the parents about having the child tested for it at the eye doctor’s. It is a special test and doesn’t come up in a normal vision exam.

    That was the most egregious point from your piece.