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  • Shocked. Told so many times that AP are proven LD-50 tests poison, that talking about damages, long-term effects, etc. just becomes a sell out to readers who don’t get informed that these are not medicine but poison. One more time .. antipsychotics are poison, see for example zyprexa here . Please inform your readers properly, that have the right to not get misled by organisations that say to be here to better the future for psychiatric patients. It won’t if you keep silent about AP being poison. Thnx !!

  • MIA your the bogus, complain about classical psychiatry as the cause and something holisticaly as the solution but not 1 time you mention the medication being toxic substances who should not be on the market anyway. So look at it again, google for PUBCHEM and it will show you the result of lethality tests done on these chemical substances, e.g zyprexa (olanzapine) is here I suspect you might be called complicit in the torture crimes done with these medicine and the “classical psychiatry” as you call it. Better lifestyle, digging into the root of the problem, bla bla bla. Still hope you tune up the act, MIA was a great site in the begin days.

  • MIA, sorry to say, you let your readers down to let something like this being posted. (Cymbalta). Your readers, being victims of poison as medicine, still get being told that “they THINK they are being poisoned” while it is a allergic reaction to the medicine. These medicine are not medicine they ARE poison (see link) and the people that you have your site for get poisoned instead of thinking they are. As far a the parents and sufferers think that it’s about informedness and they would have made a differrent decision, the informedness so there so you don’t have any damages to claim if disasters strikes (which is always does, it’s poison). Clearup the tune, tell your people they are getting poison and not a medicine. Or maybe MIA doesn’t need to survive, as does the rest of your readers.

    Bart Thate

  • Hoi Peter,

    antipsychotics do more then just generation cholinergic problems, it also decrease your brain volume with 4 procent a year. From the article: “During approximately 8 weeks of antipsychotic treatment, left HVI decreased in 24 participants with FEP at a median annualized rate of −.03791 (–4.1% annualized change from baseline)”, see

    Maybe write an article about how Zyprexa is a proven LD-50 tested poison, see and inform your readers that administering poison is punishable by law.

    4% shrinkage of the brain is a bit to much to report on antipsychotics as if it is a failed treatement.

  • mad in america, , you can discuss all the research you want but THE PILLS ARE POISON !!! So stop discussing and realize people are getting tortured with poison. For duloxetine see

    Discussing as if people get treated with medcine is bullshit, maybe you lot can be prosecuted for these torture crimes yourself, hidding the fact that people get toxic substances instead of medicine

  • “when fits are recurrent and life-changing, the adverse effects may be worth putting up with.”

    This statement is troublesome because it leaves it up to the patient to decide whether it can put up with the adverse effects or not. It is punisable if you hurt the patient on purpose and a doctor who knows his medicine are toxic and cause harm (the adverse effect) should stop the treatement imediately. Leaving it up to the patient to decide whether or not he should get his health harmed (even till handicaps and deaths) is a wrong thing to leave open. Knowing you bring damage and continuing with bringing this damage makes the damage making on purpose. Damaging on purpose is punisable and is what the real issue should be.

  • 1) Antidepression pills are poison, see for example fluoxetine (prozac) –

    2) Administering poison instead of medicine (that should be non harmful) is a crime and must be prosecuted. It is maltreatment instead on treatement, injuring people with pills, even killing people with those pills.

    3) It is a shame that psychiatrists like you promote the discontinuation of prescribing these pills for adolescents and children while normal grownup people should still receive them ? You should promote a complete ban on prescribing these toxic substances so we can all stop being tortured.

  • Sigh, all the trouble these psychiatric doctors take to deny the harmfullness of their pills. These substances are proven toxics, see for example Zyprexa (olanzapine) – .

    So if these are toxic substances and submitting them to a patient or writing prescriptions for them is a crime to do, why is there still debate on whether is would heal people or prevent relapse or whatever ?? It’s is torture to use them, and those who use them are criminals that should be prosecuted.

    It is not about the harmfullness, not about the effectiveness, it’s is about that it is criminal to admister a toxic to a patient.

  • Why do you call the “brain-disabling” argument to still reason that these patients can’t see the consequences of their actions (otherwise they would stop using the drugs), when instead it is the craving and depencence problems that surely play a role in why these people don’t stop using their drugs when it so obviously hurts them.

    It sounds like an argument of a psychiatrist that concludes that a addict or psychiatric patients is not able to formulate his/her will and can’t oversee the conseqences of their actions, while every addict know the consequences of not taking the drugs (craving, sickness, back to real life with all it’s problem, etc.)

    Patients do know they get sick from psychiatric drugs and when then tell their practitioners that they don’t want the pill because they are poison, they get the diagnose of delussion thinking and cannot judge the consquences of not wanting to be treated.

    Maybe it should not be the question if patients can oversee the consquences of not wanting to be treated with poisonous substances, but the question why psychiatrist can’t oversee the consequences of their actions that they inflict on other people.

  • “Instead they would be talking about the ongoing Crimes Against Humanity trials of the former mental health practitioners.”

    I think it will be just that. What psychiatry is doing is criminial and will be treated as criminal. These medicine are poison and administering them is a crime – (haldol)

    The result is not an abolishment of psychiatry but a psychiatry that is not allowed to be criminal, see the first attempts to have a psychiatry without the use of poisonous substances in Norway.

  • The discussion on patients that have not been treated is the following. In this report from 2012 the damaging effects of antipsychotics of the brain have been proven, see . The report show shrinkage of the brain due to haldol and zyprexa, both in humans and in monkeys. This report how ever leaves room to the intepretation that the schizofrenia causes the shrinkage, and the antipsychotics used could be “preventing damage”.

    The article says:

    “The current study could have been strengthened by having control groups, eg, schizophrenia patients assigned to deferred or no antipsychotic treatment or healthy volunteers treated with antipsychotics for comparable periods.”


    “However, ethical standards in human subject research prohibit such comparison groups.”

    This last argument is bogus as plenty of patients fear these medicine and would love to have an alternative treatement without medicine. One should set up a research where patient with first episode psychosis get theere fMRI scan taken and after 2 years of not being treated with antipsychotics another fMRI scan can he taken to show the brain damage done by the schizofrenie it self.

    A test like this would definately prove that it is not the illness that is causes the brain shrinkage and the medicine do, as already show in the test done with monkeys.

    “After 17 to 27 months of treatment, both haloperidol- and olanzapine-treated monkeys had an equivalent and highly significant 8% to 11% decrease in fresh brain weight and volume when compared with the sham group.”

    Monkeys don’t have schizofrenia (we’ll perhaps they hear voices too) so these tests already show with high significance that these drugs do result in brain damage, but he the industry says it is the schizofrenia and not there “can’t do harm” pills.

    Maybe the Open Dialogue movement can give us patients that don’t want to receive medication but that are willing to participate in a research like this. Maybe a University could see the necessity of such a test and perform it, maybe a researcher who knows how to setup such a test could get rid of the last arguments that the industry has.

  • Whether it is the genetic origin the Nazi’s assumed or the chemical imbalance theory (too much dopamine), the fact is the schizofrenics these days are threated with poison that blocks dopamine from working properly (dopamine production gets destroyed in the brain) resulting in what they call parkinsonism, the decease of Parkinson cause by the treatement with antipsychotics.

    The origin of hallucinations might be a mystery, the way to treat this disease is with poison, like the gas chambers but now with low dose medicine that can be made a high dose treatement in any mental hospital on this globe. For prove of antipsychotics being poison see here (haloperidol)

    Where you call it an invisible holocaust, i call it an silent shoa.

  • LD50 test are tests to determine the lethality of a subsctance, you can find them in the Material Safety Data Sheet that a manufaturer needs to publish if it want to transport it’s product. Clozapine has a LD50 of 200 mg per kilogram bodyweight, which makes it a poison when using the Stern and Hodges scale (everything < 500 mg/kg bodyweight is a poison).

    Admistering poison is a crime and should be prosecuted, the doctor is not treating a patient, he is abusing the patient with poison. These days the lawsuits against manufaturers is about not properly informing the patient. Tomorrow's lawsuits will be about the torture the doctors practise on their patients.

  • The benift/cost evaluation of antipsychotics is not the discussion that should take place. These substances are not medicine, they are toxic substances. Medicine are supposed to do no harm at all and toxics do harm per default. Doctors are lying when they call these substances medicine.

    Administering medication is a different thing that administering neurotoxins. The former should heal, the second is punishable as a torture crime.

    A patient might claim benefit, the doctor is punishable for using a toxin instead of a substance that cannot do harm.