Monday, October 25, 2021

Comments by Fred Coulson

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  • This is a fascinating explanation of an issue I hadn’t given much thought to before; you brought the matter home for me when you made the “spiritual gaze” connection.

    A group of us who are former members of Shambhala, the cult of Chogyam Trungpa (abuse and trauma survivors and others), are discussing your article and we find it to be a highly accurate description of how abuse of spiritual authority was (and continues to be) excused and covered up in Shambhala. Even those of us who departed long ago still experience the DARVO phenomenon from the remaining loyal disciples of the cult.

    Thanks for helping raise awareness of this problem. As you may be aware, students who were trained by Trungpa have widely infiltrated the secular Mindfulness and MBSR movements and help to perpetuate the victim-blaming culture you are describing in the psychedelic therapy sphere.

    Thanks again.