Monday, September 27, 2021

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  • Like you Maria it was many months after my daughter’s suicide that I discovered the facts around SSRIs. I too blamed myself for not being aware but I trusted our GP who had known us for many years to have my daughter’s best interest at heart. I could not believe that there was information available to our doctor that these drugs were not recommended for those under 18 years old because of the suicide risk which was not on the PIL at that time. My daughter was 17 and 2 weeks when she was first prescribed an SSRI. The doctor did mention that the drug was usually for adults but implied that my daughter’s height etc put her in this category. I could not do any research on the drug in 2004 with dial up internet at home. Besides I believed that the doctor was the expert and trusted her. When I realized that this trust was questionable and that the drugs were prescribed without any mention of side effects, without advising me as my daughter’s carer to be aware of this or that, that the recommended withdrawal procedure was highly dangerous and most likely the cause of her suicide – I wanted action taken. My solicitor advised me against lengthy and expensive legal action as all doctors in this area would follow the same prescribing/ withdrawal procedure and no negligence would be proven. I wish you well with your action and will hopefully be able to follow your example. Regardless of time elapsed a crime remains a crime.

  • Thank you Philip for a brilliant post. I have read many posts on the chicanery that exists to promote a diagnosis of mental illness. I understand the enormous profits that must be generated by pharmaceutical companies to stay in business aided and abetted by some unprincipled, money orientated psychiatrists. I fail to understand why family doctors are also complicit in this scam. Surely their medical training demands reliable evidence is necessary before prescribing dangerous mind altering drugs.

  • Absolutely brilliant post Maria. You have certainly found a worthy match for the evil that was witch hunting in today’s world. It’s incredible that there are so many parallels between witch hunting and psychiatry. How was the evil practice eventually toppled? Can we learn something there and rid humanity of psychiatry’s medical mimicry?
    I wish you a good Christmas, I know it means little without Toran.

  • Beginning with the police force who believe that “juries never convict doctors” Isn’t New Zealand a small modern democracy, not Al Capone’s Chicago? Presumably nobody should be above the law.
    Why won’t the government allow the regulator to include patient information leaflets and black box warnings? Surely it is time that these were standard worldwide, after all pharmaceutical companies use world communities to test/trial their medications. All deserve adequate information.
    Can you not file a complaint because you are not the patient or do you have to get to Mr/Mrs Big through a series of minor pen pushers? Maybe it’s time to update that kind of approach too.
    On the whole it looks like you are having to deal with an inordinate number of “jobsworths” (prevaricators)
    I wish you well in your pursuit of truth and justice. I am so sorry for your heartbreak.

  • How can Mylan be all things to all people as they claim according to your quotes? That’s just promotion material dreamed up by an enterprising creative writer. Mylan like all pharmaceutical companies are much more concerned about how negative publicity affects business, profits and shareholders than ethics. Shouldn’t Governments elected by the people for the people be the ones who ensure that companies who trade within their jurisdiction comply with best international practice and protect their citizens? Commercial enterprises will always try to keep within the law. They don’t make the laws.