Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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  • Thank you Monica for the information you share on your site BeyonMeds. The honest and soul baring insights have helped me the last year when I decided to take time off to heal from C-PTSD. In India where I reside there is very little awareness about the effects of abuse and the development of mental illness. Sites like yours have encouraged, enlightened and helped me immensely. I too have decided to share my experiences on my site mindkindmom.com

    Thank you for helping a fellow traveller

  • I have written a similar article in my blog mindkindmom.com,
    Love-The only cure for mental illness.

    As a survivor of C-PTSD, I can truly say that the thing that helped me recover was loving support of my 17 year old son. It is only when we feel we are cherished and understood that we are truly healed. I hope that people really understand what Jesus said “My greatest command is love one another as I have loved you.’

    The hitch is that many were not lucky to have a loving parents and a caring home. So how does one know what love is?